Monday, June 8, 2015

Star Wars Weekends at Disney World | Character Highlights

I am officially declaring it Star Wars Week on A Pinch of Pixie Dust!

We just got back from a Disney World trip (as you probably already know if you follow me on instagram or twitter or facebook!), and our Star Wars Weekends day at Disney's Hollywood Studios was one of my favorite things.  Make sure you check the blog and my youtube channel this week to catch all the jedi and imperial pixie dust.  :)

Star Wars Weekends is a special event at that runs select Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays in May and June at Disney's Hollywood Studios.  There are all sorts of intergalactic happenings in the park - fireworks, special shows and dining, celebrity meet and greets, and - what we're going to look at today - CHARACTERS galore!

Your Disney favorites are dressed up like characters from the movies, but you'll also find familiar faces from the Star Wars universe itself...


Storm troopers heckle you as you arrive at the park, Boba Fett is patrolling the stage (to keep an eye on Han Solo in carbonite), and you can also get in line to chat with different jedis, sith, and my favorite fashion role model, Queen Amidala.

One of the things that I loved about Star Wars Weekends was how visible all the characters were.  You might find Darth Vader just casually stalking down the Streets of America (as we did in the video!), and most of the meet and greets are outside, so even if you don't get in line, you can get a glimpse of Chewbacca and the ewoks or Darth Maul as you walk by.

The character lines at SWW can get crazy so you need to do your research if you want to do meet and greets.  The park map marks the locations and gives you a general idea of who's where, but be sure to check out Kenny the Pirate and make a plan beforehand.  Chewbacca, Darth Vader, and Boba Fett seemed to have some of the longest waits when we were there.

Morning is a great time to hit the character lines before they get insane and before the sun gets too punishing (some of the lines are in the shade, others not!) - we were at Hollywood Studios bright and early at 7:30 am to make rope drop.

Another reason to make park opening is because the storm trooper pre-show is so cool with the jokes and the music and effects!  As soon as they lowered the force field (I mean, teeny tiny rope), we headed to see a couple of mice...

Where else can you meet Jedi Mickey Mouse and Princess Leia Minnie Mouse??

These two were absolutely adorable!  They were so energetic and excited to see you, and they took their time with each group so you didn't feel at all rushed. 


I had to show off my R2D2 shoes and bow...

...they even spotted the hidden mickey!

Rebel "shoefie!"  I didn't even make that up - apparently 'shoefie' is a thing. ;)

Trust Mickey, guys.  He knows exactly how to get...

...the cutest selfie in the entire galaxy. :)

The mice were absolutely on fire with their poses - Minnie looks like she's giving R2D2 the secret message, just like Princess Leia does in the movie!

Mickey set up the perfect rebel v. imperial shot my brother, who was wearing his empire-issue commander hat and shirt.

Up next we met the chipmunks...I mean ewoks...I mean chipwoks!

They were frisky and funny and had about a fifteen minute wait at 8:15 am.

As we were waiting I had to admire their meet and greet location - look at all the beautiful layers of green in the backdrop, very Endor!

Other characters have fabulous settings as well - Amidala is in a courtyard on Naboo.

Her wait looked like it was at least half an hour at around 8:40, and some of my brothers had hopped in the Darth Vader line, so I didn't want to risk missing him.  This year Darth was at the old entrance to the now-closed Backlot Tour, and there was plenty going on in that part of the park...

You'll find Gamorrean guards, bounty hunters, and Tusken raiders mingling with guests!  These guys are a little scary (it's like they belong in a wretched hive of scum and villainy or something...) but so cool.  It was great to be here earlier in the day, when the crowds were relatively sparse and the characters had room to move around.  Later in the day this area was much more packed with people.


I was a little intimidated by the sand people, but this one let me take a selfie with him.  Definitely a win!

Darth Vader was another win - when he pointed for my imperial-loving brother to kneel, Porthos was ready with the perfect Star Wars "my master" bow.  When I asked if Darth Vader would shake hands with him for a picture, though, this is what I got...


Luckily he still let me hop in for a pic!

Another favorite interaction from Star Wars Weekends was with the Jawas who roam off and on looking to trade goods by Darth's Mall...but I'm saving them for a post of their own. :)

Which Star Wars character would you want to meet most?

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  1. Where did you get those R2 shoes??? So cool. :o

    1. I bought a pair of plain white shoes and decorated them to look like R2. Thanks!

  2. Your dress is the world's greatest Disney's Hollywood Studios dress -- the same color as the pillars and lettering out front. Love!

  3. I am kicking myself. Last year (exactly a year ago, sigh) I was in WDW but we decided to hit the Studios on a NON Star Wars Weekend day. You see, I'm obsessed with SW but my daughter refuses to watch it. Let's take a look at my parenting scorecard: turn daughter into a Walt Disney World fanatic - check. Turn daughter into a Disneyland fanatic - check. Get daughter to watch Star Wars - EPIC FAIL. Can't wait to see some more of your videos and posts on SWW!