Monday, June 1, 2015

Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant Review

I'm taking you guys to the movies to day...

...and not just any movies - we're headed to the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant at Disney's Hollywood Studios!

Disney World restaurants have some pretty great themes, but Sci-Fi is one of the most unique.  This is not your ordinary lunch or dinner spot...

You'll be dining in your snazzy retro convertible under the Hollywood hills at twilight!  Ready to eat?


Looking over the menu while we waited for our table - it was busy (make sure you make your reservation ahead of time!).  I loved that they had a water cooler to get a drink while you waited.  So necessary on hot summer days!

The theme is a huge part of the reason you dine at Sci-Fi.  You don't sit at a table, you sit in a car!  Most cars accommodate six people with booth seating, and you're all facing forward to watch the movie clips.  If you're a small party, keep in mind that there are a few normal non-car tables at the back of the restaurant.  They also do sometimes seat multiple parties in the same car.  We were a party of four and had a different party of two right behind us in the back seat of our pink convertible.

I love the stars on the soundstage and the lights of Hollywood off in the distance.  One of the drawbacks of the dark lighting, however, is that you can't see your food very well!

Here's my oreo milkshake - it was delish!  Athos sample the carrot cake milkshake and really enjoyed it.

Mama Snob and I decided to split our dishes so we could try two different things!  The first was the Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie.  Sadly it didn't stand out - it was a fairly standard hot vegetable medley topped with mashed potatoes and cheese.

The Sci-Fi Reuben was a very good quality Reuben - a little greasy, but I liked the swirl rye bread and steak fries.

I've never been wowed by the food at Sci Fi - what you come for is the atmosphere!  The clips are really cute cartoons, commercials, and trailers from 50's space-age flicks.  We love Mystery Science Theater 3000, and some of the movies in the Sci-Fi clips reel have been on MST3K!  We were quoting Joel and the robots when the Giant Gila Monster trailer came on.  Sadly Joey the Lemur did not make an appearance.

Sci-Fi isn't one of those must-eat-here-every-trip Disney restaurants for us, but it's such a unique venue you'll want to experience it at least once!


  1. Haven't ever tried the Sci-Fi - maybe on our next trip!

  2. Their hamburgers are the best thing there. Anything else is too risky. lol