Saturday, June 20, 2015

Quote Collection 06.20.15

Some people collect stamps.  Some people collect coins.  Some people collect pins.

I collect quotes.

I read a lot and read a lot of different things, and while I don't always finish every single book I pick up, it's amazing how often a lovely guiding providence seems to put just the right page and just the right phrase in front of you.

You never know when a good quote will come in handy.  Some of them just make you smile for an instant, others sink in and pop back up when you need them most.

So I have formed a new blogging resolution: to share some of these quotes with you!  There's a fair smattering of book reviews in the archives of A Pinch of Pixie Dust, and while I'm always meaning to do more, I often run out of time - but a quote can give you a nice bite-sized taste of a book.  So we're going to give this a try.  Because words can definitely be pixie dust too. :)  Without further adieu...


"It's June and anything can happen!  Of course, it usually doesn't...but's June's job to remind me that there are still surprises in the air, glittering like dragonflies' wings."

When Wanderers Cease to Roam by Vivian Swift

(seriously go get this book, it's charming)


" was the moment between six and seven when every flower--roses, carnations, irises, lilac--glows; white, violet, red, deep orange; every flower seems to burn by itself, softly, purely in the misty beds . . ."

Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf

(Mrs. Dalloway takes place in June!  In another passage in this book, Virginia Woolf makes up the word 'irreticences,' which I just plain love)


"He is mystical when he ought to be intelligible - and intelligible where he ought to be obscure.  There are some things which have no business being put into books for all the world to read."

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke

(remember this one?  Had to to include this quote as the new Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell tv series is on BBC America - the first episode is also on youtube and it's awesome - and also that delicate balance between mystical and intelligible can be a very difficult one to achieve... ;) )


"I have changed my mind, and changed the trimmings of my cap this morning; they are now such as you suggested. I felt as if I should not prosper if I strayed from your directions..."

Jane Austen's Letters ed. Deirdre Le Faye

(I recently ordered the complete volume of Jane Austen's letters, and they're full of lines just as charming as in her novels!  I love how the letters are like a conversation with her sister, Cassandra - I only wish we had Cassandra's replies back!)


When there's a bad smell: "My nose is in great indignation."

When it's quiet out: "All's hushed as midnight yet."

When you're really annoyed with someone: "I do begin to have bloody thoughts."

When someone wants you to do something quickly: "Presently?  Ay, with a twink."

The Tempest by William Shakespeare


Hope it's a happy weekend! :)

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