Friday, July 17, 2015

Metropolitan Museum of Art | NYC Trip Report

The Metropolitan Museum of Art stands on the upper east side of Central Park in New York City.  It's one of the world's largest and most visited art galleries.

When my cousin and I spent a weekend in Manhattan last fall, the Met was definitely one of the New York City must-do's on our list!

We had blocked out our Friday afternoon for some Met culture and spent about four hours blissfully exploring the galleries and exhibits.  Read on for some of our highlights!

Highlight number one was the Decorative Arts wing.  Exploring gilded rooms with exquisite French furniture, I felt like I'd stepped into Versailles!

I fell in love with this beautiful tabletop library cabinet on sight.  Doesn't it look like something from Beauty and the Beast?

It's always a good time to read!  I also loved this very bookish clock.

Another highlight was the Costume Institute's exhibit for October - it was all about mourning attire, "Death Becomes Her."

There were gorgeous gowns in blacks and greys and purples and quotes about mourning clothing projected on the walls.  Every so often the shadow of a lady would pass over the words - very eerie and effective!


I think we spent the longest portion of our visit in the painting galleries.  I love learning about different artists and looking at these faces and scenes from long ago.  The lady to the right in the yellow bonnet was on a grand trip to Europe, and they paid the artist to come with them and do portraits - an early example of a PhotoPass photographer? ;)

Here's a great facial expression: "Can this portrait sitting be over already please?  Can I get up and do something now?"  The detail, the folds of the fabric, and the shadows that the artist captured on that red dress are just stunning.


The impressionists were some of our favorites!

This looks familar...Monet visited and captured the cliffs of Etretat in France.  Apparently he would bring multiple canvases to the beach to capture the light at different times of day.


We finished off our visit with a stop in the gift shop.  I absolutely love the Met's collection of watches - they're always inspired by some work of art from the collections.  I had admired a Tiffany window during our wanderings, so I picked out a watch inspired by Tiffany glass (the red one on the bottom row, second from the left).

We spent a loooong time perusing the postcards.  I think Becky bought about twenty!  You can see many of them in our postcard haul video:

A board full of used up Met passes from that day!

We tramped the long walk back towards our hotel...but we decided to stop for some shopping and a be continued!

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