Monday, June 22, 2015

Cupcakes of Star Wars Weekends | Darth Vader, Jabba, & Yoda

There's one special thing about Star Wars Weekends that I haven't posted about guys probably saw this one coming...

I was so excited to check out the awesome trio of Star-Wars-inspired cupcakes on offer at Hollywood Studios! Here's what you'll find:

- Darth Vader Peanut Butter Chocolate Cupcake
- Yoda Nutella Cupcake
- Jabba the Hutt Salted Caramel Cupcake

The cupcakes are strong with this one. :)

Ready for some reviews?

We'll start with the new cupcake on the block this year: Jabba the Cupcake!  It seems like they've added a new cupcake to the line-up every year...what do you think will be new in 2016?  I want a Leia cinnamon bun cupcake.  Or a blue milk cupcake! ;)

Looks pretty disgusting, right?  Well it is Jabba, and he is a Hutt.  Luckily it tastes much more appetizing than it looks!

This is a vanilla cake with green food coloring, salted caramel icing on top, and a white chocolate jabba face.  When I saw the green color of the cake, I was hoping it'd be pistachio-flavored - but it tasted like plain vanilla.  The caramel flavor is fairly subtle - it is quite sweet, and I found it a little too sugar-y, but my brother Athos couldn't get enough of Jabba.

You'll find the Star Wars cupcakes in miniature at the Feel the Force Dessert Party, and when we noticed a bunch of leftover Jabba cupcakes on the buffet as we were leaving, Athos loaded up a plate for the road.

Next we are turning to the dark side.  The Darth Vader cupcake just looks cool.  I love the red chocolate lightsaber!

Menacing but delicious...flavor-wise this cupcake is very rich - a lot like the peanut butter chocolate cupcake that's available at Starring Rolls all year round.  It doesn't have any filling (none of the SWW cupcakes do).

Mini sith cupcakes!  I loved the chocolate Vader medallion topper - yum.

Last but certainly not least...the Yoda nutella cupcake was my favorite!

This is a chocolate cupcake with chocolate hazelnut buttercream and candy crunch.

I'm not a huge hazelnut person, but I loved the flavors of this cupcake!  The Darth Vader icing tastes a little heavy to me, but the nutella icing had a nice lightness to it.

I'll close with a few Star Wars Weekends cupcake tips:

  • These cupcakes are for sale at the Tusken Fridge Raiders snack counter inside Darth's Mall as well as at other counter service locations around the park, like Starring Rolls Cafe.  Darth's Mall can get crazy busy, so if you can, pick up your cupcake at one of the counter service locations, preferably one with air-conditioned seating.  It's hard to enjoy these treats in the heat!
  • The Star Wars Weekends events only take place Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays - but you'll find the cupcakes at Starring Rolls all week long during late May and early June, even on weekdays.
  • The mini cupcakes are available at the Feel the Force Dessert Party, on the menu at the Rebel Hanger, and on the dessert buffet at the Star Wars Hollywood & Vine meal.

Check out more Star Wars Weekends tips by clicking on the images below:


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