Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Atrium Art onboard the Disney Dream

I'm whisking you away for a mini Disney cruise today...

We're going to explore the stunning atrium of the Disney Dream!  This is the space you first enter when you board the ship, and I loved noticing the art and details every time I passed through it.  On the last morning of the trip, I got up early to take some pictures.

Once you can tear yourself away from the explosion of color and sparkle that is the chandelier, you'll discover so many other interesting pieces of art...

Behind the guest services desk is a Disney map of the world...

...complete with castles and cruise ships!

You'll find art deco decor at the Bon Voyage bar and all over the Atrium!  It immediately puts you into the right cruise mood - classy, laid-back, and ready for adventure.


Excuse me while I swoon over the fashion and general fabulousness of these Gatsby-esque 30's style paintings.


If the characters from Downton Abbey went to sea, I bet this is what it would look like. ;)

Hmmmm...I think I spy a mouse in those geometric swirls surrounding the elevators!

The Cinderella murals are, in my opinion, the highlight of the Atrium art.  They're just like the murals in Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom!

It's hard to appreciate the murals in the park because guests are constantly dashing by!  But on the cruise ship there are thrones at the ready for a photo op, and there's plenty of time to pause and admire...

...and maybe try on a glass slipper if you have one handy.  I didn't.  Maybe next time. ;)

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  1. Amazing photos! My family is taking our very first cruise on the Dream in summer of 2016. Your posts and videos about your experience is making the planning so much fun!