Thursday, May 21, 2015

Trolley Girl #DisneySide Costume

I have many different Disney Sides...I think we all do...but one of my favorite Disney Sides has to be my Trolley Girl side...

I have always loved the Magic Kingdom Welcome Show and the Trolley Show and the Main Street character style - the parasol!  the petticoat!  the spats!!

My brother and I were trolley people at Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party this past fall (here we are with Casey Jr...coming down the track...), and I can't wait to wear it again tomorrow for the Disney 24 Hour day at the Magic Kingdom.  Guests are allowed to dress up in costume, and the trolley people are coming back!

A few readers have asked about how the costume came together, so in today's post I'm breaking it down piece by piece!

The shirt I got from ebay (ebay is going to be a constant theme of this post...the majority of items from this costume were ebay finds!) - it's a Victorian-style leg o' mutton blouse with puff sleeves that Anne of Green Gables would surely be a fan of. :)  As you might imagine, there aren't a lot of leg o' mutton blouses out there, so I bought one in a lighter color and dyed it to the blue I was looking for.


When searching for pieces for this costume, I often would include "square dancing" as a keyword.  The very swirly red skirt was listed as a square dancing skirt, and the crinoline (also used from ebay) is made by a company called Malco Modes that does a lot of square dancing outfits.  I couldn't find a red skirt with those signature Trolley Show stripes, so Mama Snob and I sewed white bias tape onto the skirt to get the right design.

Without a doubt, the petticoat is my favorite part of the costume.  It's as frilly as a dream!

Ok, so I might love the spats just as much as I love the petticoat.  These are vintage "Bond Street" spats - about $15 on ebay.  Such a pretty grey and just like the ones the real trolley show people wear!

I looked all over the place for plain black shoes with the right shape in the heel.  Most heels these days are either high and skinny or short and squat - they don't have that elegant curve!  In the end I got some capezio shoes, and they looked just right.  I can even wear them when I'm not a trolley girl. ;)

The straw hat was about $10 from Target.  I added the extra long blue bow!  The lacy parasol was...again! ebay find.

The only parts of the costume I haven't mentioned are the black tights and the belt.  Mama Snob made the belt by hemming a piece of white fabric to the right shape and then adding the red stripes.  It finished off the look perfectly!


Athos's costume was somewhat easier to scavenge from various stores.  He wore: a blue striped shirt, a white tie, a red vest, grey trousers, white spats, black shoes, and a boating hat.  The hardest item to find was the red vest, which we got from etsy.

I had a white vest to change up my Trolley look, but I loved the belt so much I only wore the vest towards the end of the night!

I can't wait to share the adventures of Trolley Girl 2.0 - make sure you're following me on Twitter and Instagram for all the latest from 24 Hour Day!

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