Monday, May 11, 2015

Top 7 Disney Desserts at Epcot

Stacey has her top seven must-do's at Walt Disney World; today I've got seven must-snack desserts!  We've already looked at some of the Magic Kingdom's tastiest treats, and now we're heading to EPCOT for more Disney deliciousness...

From Future World to World Showcase...I hope you guys aren't too hungry...


Our first stop is in the Land Pavilion in Future World.  The desserts case at Sunshine Seasons food court has this cheerful Whoopie Pie - it's a Red Velvet cake sandwich with cream cheese icing filling ringed with chocolate chips.  Plus it's got a chocolate Mickey face on top!


Sunshine Seasons is good for cake of all kinds...everything in the case looks so tasty!


No Epcot desserts quest could be complete without a visit to Les Halles Boulangerie & Patisserie in the France pavilion.  I couldn't pick just one treat to feature in the list, because they all look so lovely, and I know everyone has their own favorites.  The Napoleon, the colorful Macaron...

...eclairs, puddings, creme brulee...the list goes on!  My favorite might be the chocolate mousse cup or possibly the chocolate tart...

It's got chocolate cream on the top with a custard-y cream beneath.  C'est parfait!


Another World Showcase classic: Kringla Bakerij's school bread in the Norway Pavilion.  A soft, doughy roll, light-as-air cream inside, toasted coconut on top.  Deilig!  That's Norwegian for 'delicious.' ;)

I also have to give a quick shoutout to the cloudberry horn.  The lefse is also such a tasty snack...Kringla Bakerij has an amazing line-up of Scandinavian sweets!


We're off to Morocco next: the coffee and pastry counter at the back of the Tangierine Cafe has a whole assortment of baklava - walnut, pistachio, cashew.  The sweet, honey-nutty filling goes perfectly with the flaky pastry layers!


Follow your nose to Karamell Kuche in the Germany pavilion.  This is a great place to use up your snack credits on a variety of caramel-inspired treats.

The Caramel Filled Chocolate Cookie is my favorite.  Das ist gut!


The Sticky Toffee Pudding at the Rose & Crown Pub in the England pavilion is pretty amazing: it's a pudding bundt cake with warm, rich, sticky butter-rum and vanilla custard sauce.  It's available on the lunch and dinner menu.


We're returning to Future World for our final dessert.  The chocolate wave is a classic at the Coral Reef Restaurant.  In the past it's looked more like an actual wave (once it even had a little dolphin topper), but it's still a wonderfully rich, fudgy cake with a refreshing pairing of raspberry sorbet.

Where there's one good dessert, there's probably another.  Coral Reef also has a tasty Bailey's mousse!

Be sure to share your favorite Epcot dessert in the comments.

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