Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Pretty Notecards & Stationery Stash!

Confession: I. am addicted. to pretty stationery.

As much as I enjoy all the more modern means of communication on the Internet, there will always be a special place in my heart for a good-old-fashioned written letter, and lukcily there are plenty of gorgeous cards and notebooks out there!

I posted a new haul video on my YouTube channel last week full of finds from Barnes & Noble, Target, Rifle Paper Co, and Vera Bradley...and I wanted to share my stationery stash on here as well!

As I mentioned in the video, Barnes & Noble recently had a display of sweet treat stationery which basically was my idea of heaven.  These "Doughnotes" were too cute not to get - it's an assortment of twelve different cards that look exactly like different scrumptious donuts.  Even the envelopes look like pastry bags!


I didn't mention this in the video because I managed to resist buying it, but another stationery item I spotted at B&N was this amazing magazine/book called Flow.  It's full to the brim of quirky postcards, funky cut-outs, and cute letterheads.  One page has a paper dollhouse with the funniest scenes behind the windows - one featured the laundry room, where someone had accidentally dyed their load of whites pink!

Some more Barnes and Noble items that I did purchase!  I just love the bookish girl and her cat on the cards.  That same artist did a design with a dog...

I got it as a tote bag.  That puppy with his book.  LOVE. IT.

I am also a big fan of these "Sprout" bookmarks.  They're so unique and perfect for spring. :)

I've mentioned Rifle Paper Co. before - they're a stationery company based in Winter Garden, FL, and I seem to see their designs of cheerful blooms around more and more!

When I think Vera Bradley I think first of their purses and bags, but I also love the Vera stationery!  Their selection includes so many interesting things - did you know they sell a notebook with a built-in wallet?

This "Celebrations" card organizer is perfect for a mail fiend like me - it's got a page and pocket for each month, so you'll never miss a friend's birthday.

Are you a stationery fan?  What's in your collection of cards?

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