Monday, May 18, 2015

Shake Shack New York | NYC Trip Report

Happy Monday everybody!  It's time for some new blog deliciousness... we're headed to an amazing fast food restaurant called Shake Shack.  They began as a food stand in Madison Square Park, and now they've got multiple locations around the country.  My cousin Becky and I passed the Theater Square location on our trip to NYC and decided we had to stop and give it a try... turned out to be a very good decision!  The burgers and fries were AMAZING.

Shake Shack is a few blocks from Times Square - it's just North of the Port Authority at 43rd and 8th.

The flashing lights and sleek storefront looked so exciting!  It was Friday night, and the line snaked out the door.  We didn't mind the wait, and we figured the crowds were a good sign!

Hmmmmm...what to order?  I decided to go all-out and try the Shack Stack - a cheeseburger and a mushroom burger (which was a fried portobella mushroom filled with melted cheeses).

We were planning to take our dinner back to the hotel to eat - a good thing, since it probably would've been difficult to get a table!  It was festive to be a part of the Friday night crowd of New Yorkers though.  The group in front of us were talking about the details of a theater production they were involved in, and the guy behind us asked us to watch his spot in line while he put his helmet on his motorcycle.  Everyone's a story in New York. :)

This looks like a pretty scrumptious story - somebody was picking up a huge order of burgers and fries!

After a few false alarms (they seemed to be having a problem with the pager system that night), we retrieved our meal and headed back to the hotel.

The fries were hot and crispy and had a really unique seasoning.  And then the burger...

...I'm glad I was hungry because this thing was enormous.  I think I ended up using the knife and fork to eat it!

Biting into the mushroom was just an incredible explosion of rich, cheesy goodness.  The burger and the bun and the lettuce and tomato - it just all went together perfectly.


And of course I couldn't possibly not try a milkshake at a place called the Shake Shack!  They had am impressive variety of, and I went with the "black and white" concrete (like an NYC black and white cookie!) which involved vanilla and fudge.  YUM.

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  1. Despite living in an outer borough of NYC, I still haven't eaten at Shake Shack! When I see my friends' pictures of the line, I don't know that I'd have the patience, haha. I think it'd be fantastic to get the food and bring it back to the hotel though! I think that'd be a much more relaxing atmosphere to enjoy each bite.