Thursday, May 28, 2015

Central Park & Bethesda Terrace | NYC Trip Report

We're travelling to New York City on A Pinch of Pixie Dust today!

When I last left off in my NYC trip report, my cousin Becky and I had just arrived in the city, strolled through Bryant Park, had a lovely pastry lunch, and explored the New York Public Library (read that post here!).  We headed North on Fifth Avenue to get to our next stop...

We may or may not have made a detour for American Girl Place. ;)

It was so much fun to admire the stunning fashions in the fifth avenue windows...

...passing by Tiffany's!

That juxtaposition of leafy green trees packed in between buildings, the street below busy with cars - it's such a New York sight!

Central Park has the same striking contrast - soaring branches and soaring skyscrapers!


Our destination was the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but we decided to take a detour to explore Central Park first...

...where there are benches for days. :)

Climbing to look out over the "Dene" (I believe that's what this part of the park is called!).

There are several woodland gazebos perched on various rock outcroppings in the park.  The biggest one is called the "Cop Cot" and has Scottish origins.  Apparently they do wedding ceremonies in it!

Becky is an Avengers fan, so we had to stop by Bethesda Terrace to try to find the spot where Thor blasted off to Asgard.

The arcade beneath the street was beautiful - this is the Minton Tile ceiling.  It was originally created in the 1860s and restored in 2000.  How amazing it would be for the designers from the 1860s to look forward and know that it was still being enjoyed by Central Park goers over a hundred and fifty years later.

We crossed under to have a look down the Mall...

It was hard to put my camera away, because every vista seemed prettier than the last - those American elms seem to be glowing in yellow and green!

These feet would be walking all over NYC that weekend!  Becky claimed that we had walked 50 miles by the end of the first day, and the number only went up as time went on.  You see so much more when you walk a city though - it was definitely worth it.

Another look at the fountain and lake beyond.

The statue represents the Angel of the Waters from the Gospel of John...

...but I think it's an Angel of the Pigeons too!

Soon we continued on towards the Met.  We passed bikers...

...and boaters!

Central Park is featured in so many movies and tv shows; you constantly seem to be passing something you've seen on the screen.  We were reminded of Enchanted a time or two, and I'm not sure I've seen a scene filmed exactly here, but it looks dramatic and cinematic enough with all that ivy hanging from the bridge!

Coming up next: the Metropolitan Museum of Art!

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