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Bryant Park & NYPL | NYC Trip Report

Welcome to New's been waiting for you...

I'm starting a brand new trip report today!  My cousin Becky and I had some fabulous adventures on a trip to New York City this past fall, and I can't wait to share...

The new Taylor Swift song "Welcome to New York" had literally just come out, and I definitely had it on repeat that weekend.  The timing was perfect, and listening to it now takes me straight back to all the excitement of setting off for the city...

When we first dropped our bags on bus station floors...these posts will probably be full of T Swift lyrics.  You have been warned. ;)

I still can't believe our luck with the weather - it was sunny and blue skies with a cool October breeze.  The drive through the mountains with all the trees changing color was beautiful...soon we saw that skyline...

Searchin' for a sound we hadn't found before... (ok, I'll try to restrain myself...I promise...)

We found our way out of the Port Authority and were shortly in the midst of the Times Square bustle, threading through the crowds (you would hear the most intriguing snippets of conversation!) and avoiding the (kinda terrifying) characters - you can see them in the vlog.  Only in New York would you have to worry about Mickey Mouse picking your pocket.

Our hotel, the Millenium Broadway, was just steps away...thank you Priceline bidding!  The room wasn't ready yet, but we dropped our bags with the friendly bell services people and were ready for some metropolitan meandering...


Our first planned stop was Bryant Park, but the unplanned stops are half the fun of New York...we noticed these enormous ivy arches behind some of the windows we were passing and stopped to have a look.

This public space is called the Urban Garden Room.  It was so peaceful!

Back out on the street...oh hello, gorgeous.  The Empire State Building was on our touring list for the next day - it was exciting to catch a glimpse of it rising between buildings.

Another city sight - mail delivery by cart!

Almost to the park...

As the holidays were coming up, Bryant Park was busy with its Winter Village shops and a skating rink!


Pausing to admire the fountain and flowers and enjoy those spindly green chairs.

I had (naturally) researched some good NYC bakeries beforehand, and we grabbed lunch and (more importantly) DESSERT at Maison Kayser.  Read all about that here or watch the video...

I wanted one of everything!

You know it was a fabulous time when you come home from a trip with *plenty* of selfies.

The tables and chairs beneath the trees in front of the New York Public Library were the perfect spot to grab a seat...

The energy of the city all around us and an pastry to munch? BLISS.

We had our snack in company with those famous lions (no, I didn't let him have a bite of my raspberry eclair)...

...and then went into explore the library!

SO grand.  Why aren't all libraries like this??

Even the gift shop was gorgeous...and filled with interesting things...


...lots of books about New York and random fabulous hats (you could wear that thing six ways!  I was sooo close to buying it...).

Getting lost in any library is fun, but when it's the New York Public Library with the beautiful stone and staircases, it's just plain epic.  It was so interesting to read the boards about different departments and collections.  The Pforzheimer Collection focused on Shelley and his circle (I had just been reading Frankenstein, so I was excited about that).  Becky also discovered that Charles Dickens had one of his cats' paws made into a letter opener, and it's at the NYPL.  Seriously.


Sadly the gorgeous Rose Main Reading Room was closed - they had up a big photo so you could imagine what it looked like.  Ah well...just a reason to go back!


More interesting things...a drawing of the floors of stacks beneath the reading room.  Also, a lion drinking fountain.

I loved reading about the library's history in the exhibit just above the lobby.  I also loved looking out over the lobby and catching glimpses of all the activity outside those windows...

At any given second, there are so, so many things going on in New York - all in such close proximity to each other - the imagination boggles!

Soon we joined the crowds outside - had to stop to get a picture with the lovely autumnal poms.  They and the just-going-from-green-to-yellow leaves on the trees looked so vibrant against the grey streets!

Off to chase down some more NYC sights!  Next installment coming soon, and you can catch the vlog here:

Thanks for reading!

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