Sunday, May 3, 2015

Lilly Pulitzer at the Grand Floridian | WDW OOTD

I think that a Disney trip is an occasion worth dressing up for, and if that trip includes a stop at the Grand Floridian Resort, you've got even more reason to add some style to your vacation wardrobe...

I've got a new WDW Outfit of the Day post, and it involves a lovely Lilly Pulitzer dress!


Sophisticated, dreamy, and fancy-free...I just love the ambiance of the Grand Floridian, and I feel like Lilly Pulitzer is a perfect match for it.  Take this dress: the lace makes it elegant, but the color makes it fun!

I can never resist a Grand Floridian elevator mirror selfie!  The women's shop downstairs at the Grand - Summer Lace - often carries a few Lilly items.  I like to scope out the sale racks at the mall stores.  That's how I found this dress last summer!

The shoes with this outfit are an old pair of striped Croc wedges - comfy and the teal was a perfect match.


I interrupt this post for some Royal Palm Club Level snacks.  Lilly is perfect for teatime.  I wish I could be eating that trifle with my tea today...

...or maybe a scone or two?

Back to the ensemble!  The black and white of my Vera Bradley Mini Crossbody added a dramatic pop of pattern to this look.  I should also probably add that I wore this outfit on our October trip, and the three-quarter length sleeves were perfect.  It wouldn't have worked as well on a hot summer day.


When the Grand Floridian Orchestra starts to play, it's hard to keep from dancing!  This skirt has a built-in petticoat and the perfect amount of swing. :)

One of my favorite spots for pictures at the Grand is along the railing, looking out over that gorgeous lobby.


PHOTO TIP: take the picture from a lower angle if you want to get the chandelier more directly behind your subject, as Mama Snob cleverly did in the shot on the right.

Those enormous chandeliers are so beautiful and iconic, and if for no other reason, I like to plan a stylish and grand outfit for a photo with them.  :)

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