Monday, May 25, 2015

Liberty Tree Tavern & the Amazing Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake

One of my family's favorite meals at Walt Disney World is lunch at the Liberty Tree Tavern, for one simple reason:

OOEY GOOEY TOFFEE CAKE.  It's one of the best desserts at Disney.

But the Ooey Gooey isn't the only thing to love here.  

There are some tasty savory-rather-than-sweet options on the menu too (you know, if you don't just want to have dessert for lunch...).  I've got a new Disney restaurant review for y'all today, so get ready to eat!

I absolutely love the atmopshere at the Liberty Tree Tavern.  The seating areas are both historic and homelike.

The colonial theming transports you out of the hectic Magic Kingdom to Williamsburg or Philadelphia (but with air conditioning)!


Betsy Ross's cloak and George Washington's greatcoat are hung on the wall!  Each room is filled with nods to revolutionary figures.  Even the waiting area has a beautiful fireplace and spice shelf.  Athos was intrigued by the "Great Encouragement for Seamen" poster:

The ship Ranger, in the opinion of every person who has seen her, is looked upon to be one of the best cruisers in America - she will be always able to fight her guns under a most excellent cover; and no vessel yet built was ever calculated for sailing faster and making good weather.

Basically, if you think there's a ship that's better than the Ranger, it's only because you haven't seen the Ranger yet. ;)

Mickey, Goofy, and Donald as minutemen are on the tavern mugs!

I've tried the New England Pot Roast in the past - braised beef with mashed potatoes and vegetables.  It's very nice, but I'll always miss the tri-corn roast beef sandwich that fell off the menu a few years ago.  It had horseradish and coleslaw and arugula and the most amazing lean roast beef on focaccia...I know, I need to stop.  I wish they'd bring it back!

I sampled the fish and chips on our most recent trip to Liberty Tree.  They were crispy and fried and delicious (and not too fishy!), and I liked the a big side of coleslaw.  Those tavern fries are delish.

The sweet potato fries are also really good!

My little brother enjoyed the macaroni & cheese from the kid's menu.

And then it was time for the main attraction...

How do I love thee, ooey gooey?  Let me count the ways...

There's your deliciously moist, melty cake (ask for it to be warmed up!) filled with chocolate chips and toffee; your wonderful chocolate and caramel sauces, your mountain of creamy vanilla ice cream soaking into the cake...

How many ooey gooey photos is too many?  Is that a trick question?

The last time we visited the Liberty Tree was also the first time we'd ever seen the new Festival of Fantasy parade.  Our table was right next to a window, but what with the crowds and mottled glass, you wouldn't really be able to see much.

Is it here yet??  I was planning to zip out when the parade approached and watch from next to the Liberty Bell.

It actually was a pretty good spot - most of the crowds are up along the street, but from here you can still see the parade approaching from Frontierland and curving around Liberty Square.

By the time I got back in, my ooey gooey had become even more ooey and gooey than it normally is, but it was still absolutely scrumptious.

Will you be visiting the Liberty Tree Tavern sometime soon?


  1. Oh my goodness! That cake looks AMAZING!! Definitely gave me a sweet tooth after reading!

  2. Do they still do the family style Thanksgiving feast at dinner? My husband and I ate there one night on our honeymoon and they put us in a quaint little 2-top by a window, then immediately after we finished we were able to step outside and watch the Main Street Electrical Parade from the front steps. Really delicious food and great atmosphere!