Sunday, May 10, 2015

Goofy Golf on the Disney Cruise Line

You may have played mini golf...but have you ever played Goofy golf?

The mini golf course on board the Disney Dream cruise ship is called "Goofy Golf," and we're going to take a look at the loopy links today...


So grab your club and take your position!

The footprints at each putting green are askew in a typically Goofy fashion!

Other challenges: assorted sports equipment scattered on the green.  Which golf ball is mine again?


Can you thread your golf ball through a sand castle or a cannon?

Each green was themed as a golf lesson.  I'm not sure Goofy would make the best golf instructor though...

His water hazards are a little too full of...hazards...

Goofy Golf is located on Deck 13 Forward - it's just beyond the basketball court.  We decided to skip going ashore on Nassau day and instead spent the time enjoying the ship, including our round of golf!  It was fun to look out over the other ships docked right next to us while we were playing...

...we could also see Atlantis out in the distance!

For the ninth and final hole of Goofy Golf, you have to sink your shot into a kitchen sink!

The pools were super crowded that afternoon, but the Goofy golf area we had mostly to ourselves.  I loved the theming, and it was a fun way to enjoy the Bahamian breezes up on deck. :)


  1. Very smart to spend the Nassau day just enjoying the ship! Looks like a really fun mini round of golf. Thank you for posting this!

  2. I just showed my 9 year old daughter your videos of your Disney Dream cruise. We'll be cruising on the dream in 2016. She now is insisting on skipping Nassau and exploring the ship instead! We'll see what Daddy has to say about that....