Sunday, May 17, 2015

5 Places to Relax at Disney's Wilderness Lodge

Saddle up for relaxation, my friends.  Today's post is all about WDW resort hotel appreciation...

The Wilderness Lodge on Bay Lake is one of my favorite deluxe Disney World resorts, and it has the ultimate restful lodge atmosphere.

We recently looked at 5 Places to Relax at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, and we're slowing things down again today (no commando touring allowed!) to check out 5 beautiful spaces to sit and enjoy the Wilderness Lodge...

1. Main Lobby

There's something about the main lobby that just catches you as soon as you walk in.  Here's a shot looking down on the lobby from above...I could sit in one of those mission-style Morris chairs and admire at the teepee chandeliers all day.

But I also love the circles of tall comfy chairs set slightly off to the side.  They look fit for Western royalty!

Native American design on the carpet...

These regal chairs are also at the back of the lobby by the bridge and bubbling spring.  This is the perfect spot to sit and enjoy a coffee from Roaring Fork. :)

2. Fourth Floor Fireplace Nook

There are more beautiful spaces on the floors above the lobby!  Two of them are just above the main lobby doors (this is a view looking down on them from above).

The lobby at the Wilderness Lodge is technically on the second floor, so head up two flights of stairs (or take the elevator) to the fourth floor to find this secluded space.

You have your own fireplace just next to your chair.  Did I mention that part yet?

You can listen to the Western music and gaze out on the lobby crowds below!  If this spot is taken, you have another option just one floor down...

3. Third Floor Fireplace Nook

This nook is right above the stairs leading up from the Whispering Canyon Cafe, but it feels like a world of its own surrounded by stone and timbers.

Yes, it has its own cozy fireplace with a beautiful ironwork grill as well!

While we're on the third floor, we could take a look just beyond the fireplace nook to this wide table and chairs...ideal for letter or note writing...

And if you walk around to the other side of the third floor, you'll find yet more prime places for sitting and soaking in the atmosphere...

...and right out the doors is another place to relax (if it's not it was in this pic...) on the benches on this little overlook.  I think you can actually book this place for (small, obviously) weddings.  OK.  Sorry.  Moving on to the real next relaxation spot...

4. Villas Lobby at the Wilderness Lodge

To find this area next you'll exit the main Wilderness Lodge lobby and follow the signs for the Wilderness Lodge Villas.  This is the Disney Vacation Club building, and it has plenty of its own nooks and corners... the rocking and birch chairs on the stone patios outside the building...

...or inside the building, where there are game tables, train exhibits in the Carolwood Pacific Room, a fireplace, a beautiful atrium, and a plethora of comfy chairs to choose from.  You'll often have this space all to yourself - other guests may be coming and going from the elevators, passing through, but you'll be sitting and savoring. :)

5. Grand Canyon Fireplace

We've seen several fireplaces, but I've saved the best for last!  The enormous fireplace in the main lobby is designed to echo like the layers of the Grand Canyon...

The details on the fireplace itself are also fantastic...


...see the bow and arrow on the hinge?  And the peace pipes?

There's a whole fleet of rocking chairs waiting here for guests.

It's hard to beat the Wilderness Lodge for that combination of coziness and grandeur. :)

What's your favorite spot to relax at Disney?

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  1. Fantastic tour, Emma--thank you. The Wilderness Lodge is always a must-do (a few times) each trip. I have to confess we haven't explored much above the main lobby so we'll be looking forward to finding these "new" spots this year!
    Have you spotted the fantastic hidden Mickey on the right side of the main fireplace?