Sunday, April 5, 2015

San Buenaventura Mission and California Lunch

My family has an unofficial Easter tradition - we like to go exploring and find a new church to visit for the holiday.  This is especially fun when we're travelling and can attend Mass somewhere entirely different...

Last year, for instance, we were on our California trip over Easter weekend, so we looked up a beautiful mission church in Ventura, CA to visit...

We're heading to the West Coast to visit the San Buenavantura Mission (and take in some fun California eats!) in today's post.

We arrived early for Easter Mass and got to spend some time enjoying the Mission's beautiful courtyard.

It was April and still a little chilly, but with the sunshine and blue sky and palm trees and that Spanish colonial architecture it sure looked like summer!

I took a quick pictures inside the church - just beautiful.  I love visiting the old mission churches in California; San Buenaventura was founded in 1782.

Wandering the gardens made me wish I knew more about all the varieties of plants.


So many flowers!


All the vegetation felt and looked so foreign from the everyday plants in my yard, or even the different tropical plants I love at Disney World.

Pretty fountain tiles and pretty shoes!


I'll include an OOTD segment in this post - the skirt is Kate Spade, the shirt is Old Navy, and the shoes (my favorite pair of wedges!) are Nine West. :)


Ventura has a cute downtown area, so we stopped at a place called Palermo after mass for coffee.

The coffee was delish, and the pastries looked lovely!  But we were planning to get lunch elsewhere...

We drove along the Pacific to get to...

I came across these photos when I was getting this post ready and couldn't resist adding them we're making this a mini restaurant review too!  This post is just multi-tasking all over the place. ;)

I seriously miss Fatburger.

And yes, that is an egg on that hamburger.


I loved the diagram of all the toppings you could add on your burger.  Why aren't there any Fatburgers on the East Coast??  Alas, my lunch today isn't going to be nearly as delicious, but at least I have plenty of Easter chocolate. :)

Wishing you all a happy and blessed holiday!

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