Sunday, April 19, 2015

Disney California Adventure Scavenger Hunt

You guys know I'm all about the interesting details at the Disney parks...

Earlier this year I put together a Disneyland Scavenger Hunt, and now I've got one for Disney California Adventure!  Ready to test your knowledge?

1. Where at DCA can you purchase a loaf of Mickey bread?

2. Make sure you pick up a copy of the Buena Vista Bugle for all the latest news...

3. Take a rest with some turquoise sea creatures!

4. Be on the look out for this colorful and cheerful mural mosaic (you could have a whole mini scavenger hunt just trying to identify all the tiles).

5. Do you know where to find the Piston Cup (three of them!) on display?

6. "Keep a cap on your radiator and a smile on your bumper!"

7. I love these grinning dolphins. :)

8. Don't forget to admire the details in the architecture - where can you find these elegant chandeliers?

9. See what time the next bus leaves on the Monstropolis Transit Authority bus schedule...

10. Check out the ads for the local shops and attractions...

11. This little trolley is navigating a sugary landscape!

12. Find some funky restroom signs.


13. Look for a parrot with an eye patch and a tatooed sailor.

14. Swirly lollipops make for an adorable stained glass window...

15. I wish I could actually buy one of these stylish buckles for 50 cents!

16. Stop by Mr. Curb Feeler (this sign looks even better at night!).

17. When you need a snack, get it in a Mickey sink!

18. "No Hat. No Smile.  NO SERVICE."

What are your favorite details at Disney California Adventure?

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  1. I have been wanting to make one of these for a while! I love yours, you found some great details I will have to look for on my next trip!