Monday, April 13, 2015

Brunch at Agricola | Princeton, NJ

Mondays are better with something tasty, don't you think?

A few weeks ago my family went on a day trip to Princeton, NJ.  We went to Mass at the beautiful St. Paul's Church and then had some time for brunch before our next stop.  Strolling through the downtown area, we ended up at a place called Agricola.

Agricola means farmer in Latin, and Dart is learning Latin, so that may have influenced our decision!  I got to meet up with some lovely friends later in the afternoon and was told we had inadvertently picked the trendiest place in Princeton for breakfast. ;)

It did feel very trendy but also very fun!  They call themselves a "community eatery" rather than a restaurant, and the menu was full of interesting dishes made with fresh, local produce.  I was tempted by the Breakfast Flatbread, but in the end I couldn't pass up the Blueberry Ricotta Silver Dollar Pancakes.

We sat in one of the windows and were greatly entertained by watching all the passersby...and hopefully provided some entertainment for them too. ;)

Agricola's coffee came in a thick white cup and was lovely.

Aren't the clouds of cream being poured into coffee just beautiful?

I had to vlog it. :)

Our table by the windows was near the bar area (it had hooks against the brick wall behind us which were handy for purses and coats!), but the main space of the restaurant had such a funky design aesthetic as well.


We noticed a bread station with tempting loaves waiting to be cut, so we decided to try the sourdough chardonnay!  Isn't that the best name for a bread?

I'm not sure I could taste the chardonnay, but it was very nice. :)

Our Agricola spread!

Here are my pancakes.  I must admit, the raspberry jam on top perplexed me - I just scraped it off - and then they were absolutely delish!  So thin and light and fruity with the blueberries (I feel like the jam would've been too much).  The bacon was very smoky but perfectly cooked and really tasty!

Mama tried the donuts.  They were good (and came with a very yummy caramel dipping sauce) but were pretty pricey considering the size.

Athos is the quiche connoisseur in the family, and this was certainly a quiche for the record books - look at the size of that thing!  It's like thick quiche pie.  He let me try a bite, and it was wonderful, the veggies were all very fresh.


My little brother Dart had a turkey sandwich so big it was falling apart on the plate!  He really enjoyed it though, and everyone loved the fries.

They came with a special beet ketchup that was amazing!

Blogger moment!  The prices weren't unreasonable, but they were a little high considering the portion sizes.  Still, we really enjoyed our Princeton brunch!  Now I want to try making some blueberry ricotta pancakes at home. :)

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