Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Bowling at Disney World | Splitsville Luxury Lanes Review

I had read about Splitsville Luxury Lanes on Downtown Disney's West Side, but until a recent trip I'd never tried it for myself...

...after all, there are so many things to do at Walt Disney World you might not think to add bowling to your list!

Of course we are at Disney, so it's not going to be quite like bowling anywhere else!

So what do you say?

Shall we give it a try?

Another thing that makes Splitsville different from any run-of-the-mill bowling alley (apart from the pixie-dusted bowling balls) is the dining!  You can have food delivered and eat right at your lane while you bowl.

Everything sounded so good!  I was torn between the filet sliders and the grilled avocado from the appetizers menu...stay tuned to hear what I got...


You can spot the light-up letters spelling out "SPLITSVILLE" from a mile away.  And is that a giant bowling pin chandelier I see in the foyer?

I love the wall of candy-colored lockers that greets you when you come in, although I'm not sure who the names are meant to represent.  Imagineers?  Bowling legends?

Here's a Splitsville tip: WEAR. SOCKS.  I was in Florida mode and totally forgot!  While Splitsville does have a fairly good assortment of socks to purchase right there, they were pretty thick and none of them were quite right...


So I popped into the shop Curl next door for some more stylish footwear...

Here's what the new socks looked like!  I love wearing them at home now - they make me think of Disney World. :)

Splitsville as a space just has swag.  I love the retro vibe with bold red and gold and blue and black.  This is a view looking down from the escalators - yes, there are two floors of bowling here.

I also love the murals alongside the bowling can see the castle behind me!  It says, "Have a bowl at the Vacation Kingdom!"

Each lane has high comfy booths with tables for your lunch.

We got sunny lane number two, right alongside the windows.

You see those spiffy bowling balls displayed outside Splitsville when you walk by, so I was so excited we actually got to use them!  "ROLL IN.  ROCK OUT."  There are pop hits playing loudly, and it did make you feel like dancing along as you bowled.  My little brother Dart loved it.

The logo is down at the end of the lane too!  Those bumpers were very high-tech - you specified your preferences at the desk and then the bumpers would automatically rise or lower for different players.

Bowling shoes?  Check!


Pink Minnie Mouse bowling ball that totally matches my outfit?  CHECK!

Bowling pins in the railings...

...and the real bowling pins!


Confession: I discovered that bowling is not one of my strong suits, as you can see in the vlog. ;)

I'm better at sampling tasty appetizers, to be honest...let's eat!

In the end I went with the filet sliders...yuuuummmm...

The beef was very nice, and the onion rings and horseradish sauce were the perfect toppings for this bite-sized lunch.  I always love sliders - meals are more delicious in mini!

Somebody else got the burger which was good but fairly ordinary.


After we had finished our game, we went upstairs to have a look around.  There were pool tables and also dining tables for parties who want to eat and not bowl!

Seriously, how is a bowling alley this swanky?

There's an outdoor balcony with seating as well.

Back inside - I loved the orange grove and Florida murals alongside the lanes on the second floor!

"All hail the king!" also appeared on the overhead screen at your lane when anybody got a strike!


More retro decor, including a sign warning against excessive victory dancing.  And I loved that lady bowling in her pearls...I feel like she and I would be friends. ;)


It was a swinging good time at Splistville, and I would love to go back sometime to try some of the other menu items and see if I can improve my score!

Have you ever been to Splitsville?  Share your thoughts in the comments. :)

One bonus photo for this post - just look at that spiffy new Downtown Disney (excuse me, Disney Springs!) parking garage going up.  I hope they do something fun with the outside way the Disneyland parking garage has plants growing.  It'll be so interesting to see the newly-designed spaces!

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