Wednesday, March 18, 2015

She Sells Seashells & Castaway Cay Merch!

Let's set sail for some DISNEY CRUISE shopping, everybody...

We sailed on the Disney Dream last year, and one of my favorite parts was the day on Disney's island, Castaway Cay, in the Bahamas!

There are so many things to do...lounging in a hammock, dancing with the characters, going for a bike ride...and you also don't want to forget to check out the merch!

There are several shops on the island, but the main one is "She Sells Seashells...and Everything Else."

There are gift shops on board the ship with t-shirts and Disney Cruise merchandise, but there's lots more Castaway-Cay-specific gear here.

You can't go wrong with a tropical Disney print!  And if you forgot your beach toys, you can pick up a spade and shovel here...there's a bucket to make the perfect sandcastle.

Postcards, magnets, and pens on the counter outside...


...and inside, bright beach gear galore!

Sometimes I take a picture of things I wish I could buy...


...I think that's why I have so many pictures of Castaway Cay merch! ;)  Look at Minnie with her surfboard - and Mickey in the hammock.


So many tropical and cheerful colors!


You won't really find nautical instruments at the shop, but you will find plenty of nautical trading pins!

What Castaway Cay souvenir would you purchase?


  1. I've never been on a Disney Cruise, but we recently booked a trip on the Dream for next February! I can't wait for Castaway Cay. I think I will definitely have to buy a pin.

  2. Love my CC beach towel! Makes me smile every time I use it!