Thursday, March 12, 2015


Get ready, my friends, for a TSUM TSUM TAKEOVER.

Today's post is going to be all about the adorable new Disney beanie trend - especially the brand new FROZEN collection!

'Tsum Tsum' means 'stack stack' in Japanese, and these little critters are the latest craze from the Disney Store.  They originally came out in Japan and were released in the US just last summer.  We looked for them at Walt Disney World in the fall and could only find a few of the larger sizes at Once Upon a Toy at Downtown Disney.  They're so cute - I hope they bring them to more of the shops at the Disney parks and resorts!

There are many varieties of tsum tsum depicting classic Disney characters, and the latest set to come out is inspired by the Frozen crew!  Let's take a look...


Just look at Elsa's sweet braid and icy can even see some snowflakes under her cape.

Here's Anna!  Notice how the frozen lock of hair in her braid.

Love the little skirt!  The tsum tsum shape and concept takes a little getting used to, but they have really grown on me - and they're so fun grouped all together.

We can't forget Olaf and the two guys...


...a view from above, Kristoff on the left and Hans on the right.  I like that the villains get their own tsum tsum too!  I've seen some funny instagram shots of characters in the parks holding their matching tsum tsum!

My unexpected favorite from the Frozen tsums was SVEN the reindeer.


I love his harness and horns.  The Sven stuffed animal at the parks is really adorable too...who knew that reindeer would work so well as cuddly plush?

The whole stack!

While we're on the subject of tsum tsum, we may as well look at some of the other are the toys from Toy Story Mania...

...and here are 101 dalmations (give or take a few...with Cruella added in!).


Cats and dogs and sweet peas!

Minnie and Mickey tsums are obviously a must!

Are you on board with the tsum tsum trend?  Share your thoughts in the comments and be sure to catch the video. :)

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