Monday, March 23, 2015

Kitchen Sink Sundae | Beaches & Cream

You know what Monday means around here...time to look at an amazing sweet treat.

I hope you're hungry, because this dessert has everything...including the kitchen sink!

This week we're traveling to the Beaches and Cream Soda Shop located between Disney's Beach and Yacht Club Resorts to review a Walt Disney World classic.

When you see these tables and chairs, you know there's ICE CREAM on the way!

I love all the ice cream dishes lined up at the ready behind the counter!  Beaches & Cream does have normal food and sandwiches which tend to get mixed reviews - tasty but nothing special.  And if you're here for dessert, you want to save your stomach space; there's an amazing line-up of sundaes and shakes (I love the Frozen Sunshine!).

Beaches & Cream has such a funky, retro menu design...but I didn't even need to look at the options.  We were there for the KITCHEN SINK!  This is a behemoth sundae dessert - it costs $28.99 and is designed for (at least!) four people to share.

A little spoon and little bowl for each person were brought to the table...along with a BIG spoon for serving!


Our server, Maria, is a Beaches & Cream icon, and she brought out our Kitchen Sink with flashing lights and much fanfare.  Just look at the size of that thing!

A view from above.  The Kitchen Sink sundae includes...brownie pieces, angel food cake, cherries, chocolate chips, a candy bar, oreos...

...fudge, peanut butter, and butterscotch toppings as well as one scoop a piece of coffee and mint chocolate chip ice cream and two scoops each of strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate.  You can find the complete recipe here.


Unfortunately Beaches & Cream no longer seems to do this, but back in the day they would let you come behind the counter to help prepare the kitchen sink!  There is nothing more satisfying that swirling a whole can ("A WHOLE CAN!?") of whipped cream onto your sundae.

And of course the big "kitchen sink" dish is half the fun!

What are we waiting for?  Let's eat!

There were four in our party, and we managed to do a pretty good job...although there was a fair amount of soupy mess left in the sink and in our bowls.  Once you divide up the good stuff on top (the brownies were so fudgy and good!), there's a lot of fruit - not just cherries (and there were cherries for days)  - but also pineapple bits, strawberries, and candy orange slices.  There also seemed to be a ton of strawberry ice cream, which sadly no one in my family is a big fan of.

We won't be rushing back for another kitchen sink anytime soon (I'm feeling full just thinking about it!), but if you're a big ice cream or dessert person, it's an exciting Disney experience to try at least once. :)

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