Monday, March 30, 2015

House of Cupcakes | Princeton, NJ

Mondays are better with a little something sweet, don't you think?

I've got some cupcakes to share - a whole house of them in fact...

We were passing through Princeton, NJ on a day trip recently, and I did a little research on TripAdvisor beforehand and noticed a place called House of Cupcakes.  They were on the show "Cupcake Wars" and won!

I knew we'd have to stop by their Witherspoon Street shop.  There's a whole wall of cupcakes to choose from...  

SO. MANY. FLAVORS!  I just love the presentation - I was glad there was a line, as it gave me time to make my selections...


All cupcakes ought to be two things: adorable and delicious.  These definitely had the cuteness factor down!  Look at those lovely swirls of icing and unique toppings, like the marshmallows.

I did some close-ups in the video. :)


My picks were...cheesecake brownie, chocolate filled, and chocolate brownie...

I think the chocolate filled was my favorite!

The chocolate cheesecake was also very nice, but it could've used a little more cheesecake!


We also tried...peanut butter cookie dough, oreo, and spicy Mexican hot chocolate!

I didn't like the peanut butter cookie dough as much as I'd hoped (it was such an interesting flavor!) - the dough in the middle was a little dry with too many nuts for my taste.  The Mexican hot chocolate had this lovely, light icing, but it was very spicy.  I loved the oreo cupcake!

Have you ever visited House of Cupcakes?

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