Saturday, March 7, 2015

Castaway Cay Blissful Bike Ride

I'd say we need some sunshine in today's post.  Some Castaway Cay sunshine...

The stop at Castaway Cay, Disney's own private island in the Bahamas, was definitely a highlight of our cruise aboard the Disney Dream last year.

I loved relaxing on the beach under the colorful umbrellas - or in a hammock under the palm trees! - but today's post is going to be dedicated to a bit more active sort-of Castaway Cay adventure...

We're going for a tropical bike ride!

There's a fair amount of island to explore, and biking is such a fun way to experience it!

Let's go - we've got palm trees to see!

Bike rentals on Castaway Cay are located beyond the family beach.  They cost $11 an hour  - one hour was plenty for us to make the full circuit.  If you're hesitant about spending money for the "extras" on your cruise, this splurge is fairly small and definitely worth it!

There's a selection of different bike sizes for kids and adults, men and women.  Some of the bikes seemed a bit weathered, but they were all perfectly serviceable.

Let's hit the trails!  I like to bike at home, and we've had a lovely time biking from Old Key West to Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World, but biking on Castaway Cay is different and just restful.  You have a blue sky above you, tropical foliage all around, no rush to get anywhere or see anything.  It's just plain fun to be flying along on two wheels.

Castaway Cay has a long airstrip leading back to Serenity Bay, the adult beach.  It's not used for planes, but it's the perfect wide and airy place for a ride.

You might spot a crashed plane alongside the tarmac!  Just near the plane is the turn off for the first nature trail - it's a circular track leading back to an observation tower.

You can climb up to get a view of the ship in the distance - it can get windy!

Looking off towards Bahamian blue waters...

Another view of the Disney dream!

You might spot some pelicans on their wheels too!

The Castaway Cay bike trails do have water stops along the way so you can stay hydrated!

Back out to the airstrip...with my camera always at the ready. ;)

I love the way Disney makes everything pretty - even a functional gate you're just passing by!

The second nature trail begins near Serenity Bay and stretches along the shore.  I loved this part of the ride best, with the branches overhead and the palm trees alongside.

I wondered what the little rooftops rising over the bushes were...and then realized the private cabanas are located back here!  I loved the cheerful colors...

Each family's name is written outside their cabana with a welcome...jealous!

Past the cabanas, the nature trail ends in a beautiful, secluded beach overlook.  The only other guests around are other bicycle riders, so it feels quieter than the rest of the island.

I almost couldn't believe the color of that strip of ocean - such a gorgeous, glowing turquoise.

Shoes and sea!

Ahhhhhh...can someone transport me back here?  Please? ;)

Have you been biking on Castaway Cay?

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