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Tower Club Level at Disney's Contemporary Resort

I have more pixie dust from Disney's Contemporary Resort to share today...

...and it's my favorite type of pixie dust: CLUB LEVEL pixie dust!

Club level or concierge level services are offered at the deluxe resort hotels at Walt Disney World.  As you may recall from previous club level overviews, concierge guests get access to a special lounge with cast members on hand to answer questions and make reservations - and complimentary food offerings throughout the day.

Disney's Contemporary Resort has two separate club levels.  The Atrium Club is located on the twelfth floor - the top floor overlooking the Grand Canyon Concourse.

The Tower Club is located on the fourteenth floor, away from the hustle and bustle and noise of the concourse.  It's just for guests staying the the suites on the fourteenth floor.

We never thought we would stay in the Tower Club because we never thought we'd stay in a suite - until our surprise upgrade this past summer!  I've already written about the gorgeous suite and the incredible view, so now it's time to look at the Tower Club itself and all its lovely offerings...

There will be desserts, guys.


What do you say?  Shall we head up to the fourteenth floor?

The look of this floor is different from the rest of the Contemporary.  I love how clean and minimalist the design is, and the warm neutral colors immediately make you feel calm and relaxed - as if you were at a spa!

This was a rare moment when the cast member must have stepped out from behind the desk - there was a concierge person here most of the time, and every time you got off the elevator, they would stand up to welcome you back! Just beyond the desks you can see the lounge...

Swanky seating with pillows to match the colorful wall above!  The fourteenth floor is a suite floor, and the lounge never really felt crowded the way the concierge lounges at other resorts can be.  I think it's because guests would take their food back to their own beautiful suites!

But the Tower Club lounge was a lovely place to sit and enjoy as well.  There are two big couches in the middle and a tv.


Disney spaces always leave me with such decor envy.  How funky is that chair?  And the pale green orchids in the center of the table (like the orchids in our suite!) matched it to perfection.  The sheer, neutral curtains with just a pop of blue were perfect for the space.

We already know all about that Magic Kingdom vista!  Our suite was a theme park view, but if you had a suite overlooking Bay Lake on the other side of the resort, it's nice that you could still hop over to the lounge to enjoy Wishes or the view from the balconies there.


A few more fourteenth floor details...a box of Contemporary chocolates left in our room and my new favorite Disney carpet.  I'd call that design 'Sophisticated Scrambled Eggs.' ;)

Now let's get to the main attraction of any Disney club level lounge - THE FOOD!

The concierge lounges across property all follow roughly the same snacking schedule:

Breakfast: 7:00 am - 10:30 am
Afternoon Snacks: 11:30 am - 4 pm
Evening Appetizers: 5 pm - 7 pm
Desserts: 8 pm - 10 pm

SO many wonderful breakfast breads in the morning - muffins, bagels, croissants, pastries.

How beautiful are those perfectly symmetrical trays of fruit?

You could also, of course, whip yourself up a morning cappuccino or coffee or tea or hot chocolate with steamed milk (aka chococcino!).  The Contemporary has such unique textured mugs, and those barista machines are one of my favorite parts of a concierge level stay.  My favorite Contemporary club appliance, however, has to be...

...the toaster.  You may recall these toasters of the future from the Atrium Club Level post.  You press a button and your slice of bread automatically lowers or rises from the chamber - it feels like something from the Jetsons.

Of course I had to have toast for my breakfast, along with a few other things!  Those mini chocolate chip loafs were amazing.

Throughout the afternoon, the Tower Club offers light snacks - cookies, potato chips, pretzels, gold fish, fruit.

The drinks are off to the side on this counter - water, iced tea, and soda pop in the fridge.

The offerings in the afternoon are good for grazing, but if you want a more substantial meal, you'll have to wait until 5 pm when the evening appetizers come out!


Some lovely veggies and olives.


A nice assortment of cheeses as well as bread and peanut butter and jelly discs for the kids.

These rolls are incredibly soft and chewy and delicious.  They've got them downstairs at the Atrium Club as well.  The food selection at the Atrium Club and the Tower Club was pretty much identical.

The one difference was this little cold appetizer.  The Atrium Club had the veggies and cheeses and hot items but not the cold.  Above is salmon mousse on a cucumber slice.  The next night it was beef carpacio!

The hot appetizers: duck quesadilla and panko-crusted scallops.  The next night we found braised pork sliders and local rock shrimp fritters.

In the evening you'll also find a selection of wines and beers out with the drinks.

My dinner plate...yum yum!

We aren't quite finished yet...we haven't looked at the desserts!

THEY HAD CUPCAKES.  I think they must've known I was coming. ;)  They were mini red velvet - also on that plate are cherry cheesecakes.

My favorite desserts were these little cubes.  That one is an orange creamsicle shooter, and there was also a chocolate crunch shot!


I brought a selection back to the room for us to enjoy on our own balcony while we watched the sun set.  Just magical!

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