Sunday, February 22, 2015

Disney's Port Orleans Riverside Resort | Royal Guest Room Tour

Have you got your MagicBand ready?  Today we're checking into one of the moderate resort hotels at Walt Disney World.

Welcome to Port Orleans Resort - Riverside, home of the Royal Guest Rooms.

These beautiful rooms are full of princess pixie dust and gorgeous details.  Want to have a look?

Here's the main check-in building, the Sassagoula Steamboat Company, glowing pink in the sunset.  This is such a beautiful resort.

The lobby and entrance area are decorated with elegant yet cozy Southern charm.  There are two separate sections of Riverside rooms: the Alligator Bayou buildings and the Magnolia Bend mansions.  Today we're looking at the mansions - that's where the royal rooms are located!


You'll get a scroll from Princess Tiana welcoming you to the resort at check-in!  One thing to always remember when staying at a moderate Disney resort - request a corner room!  You'll get two windows instead of one.  Our corner room was 9210 in the Oak Manor building.

I've often loved just taking a stroll through Magnolia Bend to admire all the outdoor greenery.  The buildings truly look like mansions with tall columns, impressive porticos, and beautiful landscaping.  After ascending the grand staircase to find your door, you'll step into another grand space...

There's so much to look at when you first enter your regal room!  There are plenty of nods to the princesses everywhere, but this really is a royal guest room and not just a princess room.  I loved that the decor wasn't pink and froufrou; the colors are so rich - golds and blues and russet reds.

Here are those two lovely corner windows - they make the space seem so much bigger.  And those curtains!  Even the air conditioning vent looks terribly sophisticated.

You can never get too sophisticated for a few hidden mickeys though!

There's a picture of another letter from Princess Tiana on the table, explaining how much she and all her Disney princess friends have enjoyed staying in these rooms. ;)

The tv is framed with scrolls of gold, and it looks like Jasmine has contributed a magic carpet to the decor!


  The attention to detail made you feel like you were at a deluxe resort rather than a moderate resort!  Cinderella's carriage graces the coat rack, and beneath the portrait of Tiana (which seems to be hung in a woodland frame left by Snow White), under the photobombing evidence of a Downtown Disney day...'s Sultan!  He's the foot-stool dog from Beauty and the Beast!

No room would be complete without a towel mickey!  The runners on the beds are patterned with Disney crowns.

Above the beds you'll find these lovely murals which actually glow with bursting fireworks at the push of a button.

You can see it at the end of the video tour!


All the big princesses are represented in this space: Aurora, Ariel, Tiana...

...Jasmine, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Belle.  There are also silhouettes of the princes.

...and of course the original princess, my girl Snow White!

Shall we move into the bathroom area?  Who could not love a magic lamp faucet?


There are dinglehoppers and snarfblats on the bathroom curtain and gold fixtures everywhere - even the tissue box!

The golden lamps look like flowers from the bayou.

Look up and you'll find princess friends amongst the bubbles - Pascal and more!

The border in the main part of the room has Chip, Gus and Jacques, the three fairies, and the Genie!

When staying at a deluxe resort at Walt Disney World, I usually just want to hang out in the room and soak in the luxury and details all day; when staying at a moderate resort, I don't mind dashing off to the parks.  But at Riverside, I never wanted to leave our our lovely royal room!


  1. Now you've got me thinking that perhaps I should change my reservation to this!

  2. Wonderful review and photos! I cannot wait to see the expression on my daughter's face when she opens the door to this magnificent room.