Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Wild Africa Trek: Snacks on the Boma

We're escaping this winter weather with a trek to the wilds of Africa...

I've posted an overview of the amazing Wild Africa Trek tour offered at the Animal Kingdom Park, and today we're going to take an in-depth look at the last part of the tour...the part that involves the snacks. ;)

After all the dodging hippos, tramping through the jungle, crossing rope bridges, and dangling over crocodiles that goes on in the first part of the tour, you will probably be more than ready for a rest!  Your safari truck takes you over the same savannah that the Kilimanjaro Safari trucks cross, but half-way through you get to make a stop at a little covered terrace up the hill.

This is called the boma, just like the Animal Kingdom Lodge Restaurant (boma meaning a sheltered place out in the bush).  We had noticed it many times from afar on Kilimanjaro Safari and were so excited to be stopping there ourselves!

As soon as you get off the truck, your safari guides will set up the tables with cheerful check table cloths and the food - a small round bento-box-type tin for each person and a lovely carafe of Pineapple Orange Guava juice!


You do have a water bottle with you on the trek with opportunities to refill, but the POG juice was so refreshing and delicious.

Now let's look in the box!

You get a little wooden spoon/paddle as your utensil.  There are two layers...

In the first compartment you'll find some slices of prosciutto as well as...


To the left: chicken curry salad (possibly my favorite snack - not too spicy - just scrumptious!).  To the right: fruit salad (blueberries and melon cubes).  The flower, I should add, is also edible!

In the second compartment you have three mini pitas and three more dishes...

...a salmon roulade atop a cucumber salad...


...also two pieces of tandoori shrimp and some tomato hummus.  It's not a full meal, but it is a nice amount of food.  The offerings are fairly exotic, so if you have more basic tastes, you might not find a lot here.

While you're enjoying your snacks, you get to look out over such a beautiful vista.  Giraffes loiter nearby and ankoli cattle rest under the palm trees in the distance.

Later on the giraffes meandered away and some wildebeest took their place!


There are binoculars provided, but if you have a camera with a good digital zoom, bring it!  The flamingos and elephants are further off, but with the zoom they seem closer and you can get some great pics...

...watching the elephants have their afternoon drink and snack!  Another photo note: the tour guides will also be around with their nice camera to snap any shots you'd like of your group - and all the photos are included with the cost of the tour.


There are so many details to take in on the boma - I love the masks and the columns.

The columns are bedecked with beads and carvings.  There are restrooms on the boma, and they're beautiful decorated with beads in the walls!


You'll find many of the same animals that you see out on the savannah!

Masks up in the rafters...

...looks like dinosaur bones, but it's actually an elephant foot!

Athos taking in the view.

The boma has a walkway to get a view of a different savannah, where you can catch a glimpse of rhinos and zebra...


I expected to like the more action-packed parts of the tour best, but I actually loved our time on the boma just as much as the more exciting activities.  You have plenty of time to linger and admire the scenery and the wildlife - and all the details on the boma - but not so much time that you get bored.

I was sad when it was time to get back on the truck and head off.  I wish I could go and hang out on the boma all the time!

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  1. I loved Wild Africa Trek, and really enjoyed the food! I put the recipe for the chicken curry salad up on my blog, I made it and it was good at home too!