Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Disney's Contemporary Resort: Tower Club Suite Tour

Get ready, my friends, because in this blog post I'm taking you on a tour of an incredible suite at one of the Walt Disney World Resort hotels.

See where those kids are standing?  They're on the fourteenth floor of Disney's Contemporary Resort, home to the Tower Club Concierge Level and the suites.

Today we're going to visit one of those balconies with that Magic Kingdom view...

I could castle gaze all day, but that's not all this post is about!

We're also going to step inside from the balconies to have a look at a gorgeous one bedroom suite at Disney's Contemporary Resort!

One of the reasons my family loves to stay at the Disney World resorts is because of the extra mile the cast members go to make your stay special.  This magic might take the form of a simple Mickey sticker or pin trade...or it might be some really big pixie dust in the form of a room upgrade.

Last year at the Contemporary, we were upgraded to a theme park view suite in the Tower Club.  We've staying in a standard room in the Atrium Club on the twelfth floor in the past, but the suite experience took things to a whole new level of deluxe.  Shall we explore?

Down the hallways on the fourteenth floor, you'll find a set of double doors waiting for you.

You'll be greeted by some funky modern art in your foyer.  Yes, your hotel room has a foyer.  There are closets off to both sides...

...and on one side you'll also find an enormous bathroom.

I loved that lighted mirror and all the clean, contemporary lines.  There was a tub and shower and sink and a separate smaller room with another sink and the toilet.  As you can tell from my face, I still wasn't over the shock of the upgrade. ;)

**Pause for lipgloss in the trendy makeup mirror.**

Are you ready for the main space?

Off to one side is the living area - swanky couch and chairs, fabulous tall lamps.  Note the round coffee table actually can be slid apart in the center to be two tables instead of one!

My brothers were impressed with the tv remote - it had a tiny screen of its own!

Everything is in calming, classy, neutral shades of cream, with just a few pops or green in the pillows, art, and flowers.

The oversized metal ring and tropical greenery are a signature element of the design.

NO, Athos - it's not for practicing your circus act! ;)


So many charming spaces to sit and relax...that writing desk was my favorite.  Also note the stump side table by the chair!

Next we'll move into the dining area.

Yes, there's a dining area.  I want those chairs and that awesome light fixture for my house!

Also adding to my someday design list because of this suite: a row of mini modern orchid vases.  Those are real flowers, with green beads in the water.

They worked perfectly set below the modern art.

Just off of the dining area is a small kitchenette with a full-sized fridge, sink, and cupboards.

You'll find some dishes and a microwave inside the cupboards.

They've loaded the fridge with some cold drinks...you can always get more down in the lounge.

All along one side of the main space are these enormous windows, so you're never far from the vista of the Seven Seas Lagoon...

There were almost too many spaces to enjoy in this suite.  I loved sitting on the balcony with the castle just beyond the railing, but I also loved the dining room table and the living room area and on and on... 

And we haven't even reached the end of the suite yet!

 The bedroom is down at the end...

When the evening sunlight streams in, the whole suite seems golden!

No Disney resort room would be complete without a towel Mickey!

This room has two queen beds, a desk, tv, and dresser.

The bedroom has its own door to the hallway along with a closet (with bathrobes and slippers!) and also its own bathroom...


There are not one but two showers in this bathroom, bringing us to a total of three suite showers.


The bedroom also has its own balcony, bringing us to a total of three suite balconies!

You have plenty of vantage points to watch the castle...

...whether you're taking in the pink sunrise clouds...

...or watching Wishes after dark.

Watching Tinkerbell fly from afar!

The only drawback to the balcony were those guys - the birds were so fresh!  If they noticed you had food out they would come swooping right up trying to get some.

So I kept my tea and toast inside at the dining table!

The suite did give us access to the Tower Club lounge - as with other Walt Disney World club levels, there was a delicious array of snacks provided throughout the day.  Usually when we stay club level, I like to spend as much time as possible enjoying the lounge.  But our suite was like our own private lounge, so we ended up taking our food just down the hall to enjoy it there.  I will be doing a separate post shortly all about the Tower Club food and lounge! :) 


More details from the suite!  The modern art sprinkled throughout added just the right touch, and the carpet was plush and elegant.  The six light pillars lit up the space in the evening.

The only problem with getting upgraded to a suite was that we did not want to leave it.  We did drag ourselves over to the Magic Kingdom to watch Festival of Fantasy, but we didn't stay very long.  We wanted to get back to our private Magic Kingdom view.

I don't think we'll be staying in a suite again anytime soon, but it was incredible to experience!


  1. Beyond, beyond. Way beyond. love, Love, LOVE! Fantastic to experience this suite vicariously -- thank you so much for sharing!

  2. I thought I knew the Contemporary like the back of my hand, but your picture of the hallway with the mad mod floral (Marimekko-like) colorway looks totally unfamiliar (and totally fab). I wouldn't have even been able to recognize that that hallway was IN the Contemporary. Top secret stuff here on Pinch of Pixie Dust! I'm jellin but lovin it! So cool to have the tour of the suites from my fave blogger. Did Disney upgrade you because they knew you would blog it? They now need to send you to one of the suites at the Grand!

    1. I WISH! We were just lucky - oh my gosh, if I thought they'd give me an upgrade at the Grand, I'd book a trip today. They totally should since you can bet I'd be sharing all the details. ;)

  3. Oh my gosh. First, this is gorgeous. Second, this suite is bigger than my apartment and third, you are adorable (as always). I'll probably never get to stay in a room like this but I'm sitting here imagining the guests that do. Celebrities? People staying in Disney for 2 weeks? Such a lucky duck you are and I'm so glad you shared all the goodness here. That last picture is fantastic.

  4. Emma, thanks for all the wonderful photos! Is there only one bedroom in this suite? I know you have a big family and I was wondering where all of you slept.

  5. This is why we never pay for expensive views at Disney (either coast!) - a full 50% of the time I've stayed in a Disney resort, we were given a complimentary upgrade to something better than we paid for. Nothing like what you just described above, though! That is just simply the most magical upgrade I've ever heard of!

  6. I just booked a Standard Club Level room that is on the 14th floor. I guess there are 5 standard rooms on the 14th (2 rms with king beds and 3 rms with 2 Queen beds). Have you ever stayed in any of these? I came across some forum that said these rooms were decorated differently than the other tower room on other floors. I would love to know what the room looks like beforehand since I am paying all this money!! Do you happen to know?

    1. I'm afraid I don't know...the suite is the only room I've stayed in/seen on the 14th floor. Sorry!