Monday, January 19, 2015

Disneyland Scavenger Hunt

I have a new challenge for you all today - especially all my Disneyland readers!

The tiny, half-hidden details that you walk by about ten times before actually noticing are what make me love the Disney parks so much; I've written lots of scavenger hunts for Disney World, and now it's the West Coast's turn.

Below you'll find a list of little sights from the original Disneyland park in California.  See how many you can recognize!

1. Which way is it to Fantasyland?

2. Find some penguins ready to serve...

3. I love the sweet smile on this little owl.  Where can you pay him a visit?

4. Keep an eye out for the Gullywhumper...

5. No matter how tall you are, watch the gap!

6. Are you ready to board?  Note the number beneath your feet.

7.  Make it blue!  Can you spot this tiny Merryweather?

8. There are shelves lined with Disney dolls...I see Robin Hood Fox and Maid Marion, Snow White and Prince Charming, and Mary and Bert!

9. Disney always knows how to do impressive light fixtures.  This one's got a dragon!

10.  Find your way to the Three Pigs' cottages...

11.  Take time to admire the rooflines...

12. Pause by the fountain with the doves.

13. There's a tree filled with funky shapes...are those seeds, lanterns, or bird houses?

14. While we're looking up, have you seen these seats all set out for the band on the balcony?

15. Where can you find a sign for the "Best Food, Best Shows in the Territory?"

16. Look out for this Tiki Goddess!

17.  Enter the world of the DINOSAUR!

18. Wind's in the East...a mist comin' somethin' brewin' about to begin!

What is your favorite hidden detail at Disneyland?  Share in the comments and happy scavenging!

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