Thursday, January 22, 2015

Centerpiece Shop at Marketplace Co-Op

I thought we'd do some Disney shopping dreaming today, guys.  Let's head to Downtown Disney to have a browse around the fabulous new Marketplace Co-Op store...


We've looked at the accessories and handbags down at Cherry Tree Lane, but today we're going to peruse the dining ware section.

Marketplace Co-Op is a large open space divided up into mini shops, and Centerpiece houses charming cookware, kitchen supplies, and serving sets...

Who wouldn't want a castle in their kitchen?  Those were just ceramic keepsakes, but note the mad tea cups salt and pepper shakers right next to them.  I missed this in the store, but apparently they also carry shakers shaped like Fantasyland trash cans.  I'm not quite sure I want my salt coming out of a trash can, but they are pretty cute!

There's a selection of tumblers featuring classic Disneyland attraction poster art.

Love these colorful glasses for the Enchanted Tiki Room - and that wasn't the only merch inspired by the tropics...


Are those ALOHA plates I see?  Just like at the Poly!  Also love the tiki gods on the top shelf.

More pixie-dusted plates, aprons, towels, and dishes...

I always love looking at Disney mugs, but - especially when you're flying to Florida - they're so big and breakable bringing back home.

"Try the grey stuff - it's delicious!"  I feel like the cupcakes at Be Our Guest should be served on these, don't you?


Chalkboard art seems to be on trend these days, and I love Disney's version of it!

Curley cue castle placemats - you'll also find the spires in black and white on a mug...

"Happiest Place on Earth."  Love it. :)


  1. I love dining ware!! I have to get those tea cup salt and pepper shakers! Those are outstanding!

  2. I love Disney! I have the Mouse throughout my house and love to add to it whenever I can.