Monday, December 1, 2014

Storybook Treats and Fantasyland Eats

For this week's Sweet Treat Monday, we're off to Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom to do some storybook snacking...

Anyone care for a brownie ice cream sundae from Storybook Treats?  And we'll need something savory to go with it...

...maybe a deluxe mac n cheese hot dog from the nearby Friar's Nook?

These two counter service locations are located across from the Seven Dwarfs Mine train, just next to the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

Ice cream is the specialty of the house at Storybook Treats (I love how the menu is shaped like a scroll!).  Many times we've passed by here and noticed guests walking away with beautiful sundaes.  So we decided to stop and try one (or two) for ourselves...

This is the Hot Fudge Cookie Sundae.  It's $5.19, and you do get a nice amount of soft-serve ice cream, two cookies, fudge, and whipped cream

Here's the Fudge Brownie Sundae.  They were both good - I liked the brownies best - but I have to admit...they look more impressive than they taste.  I think they needed more whipped cream and fudge - there was just so much ice cream!

We had to get some kind-of meal to go with our dessert, so we swung by the Friar's Nook (love the nod to Robin Hood Fox!) to check out the all-mac-n-cheese menu.  My little brother LOVES macaroni and cheese and was very excited by this.  I'm tempted to try that pot roast mac & cheese sometime, but he went with the hot dog...

Here's the whole meal - it comes with a bag of chips.  There's usually a separate price (about $2 cheaper) at counter service restaurants if you don't want the chips, so always be sure to ask!

I was a little ambiguous and macaroni and cheese on top of a hot dog, but my brother let me try a bite, and it was delicious.  The bread crumbs and chives were the perfect garnish.  If you're starving after a morning of running around the Magic Kingdom, this is a great meal to fill you up!

What's your favorite Fantasyland snack?

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