Monday, December 8, 2014

Maison Kayser: NYC Patisserie

Mondays are nicer with a little something sweet, don't you think? :)

When getting ready for a weekend trip with my cousin to New York City recently, I looked at the maps beforehand to make sure I knew the way to all our important destinations: the hotel, the bus station, the sights we wanted to see...and of course, to any good bakeries we might conveniently pass by. ;)

I knew we'd be visiting Bryant Park, and on the map I noticed a place called Maison Kayser just across the street.

This patisserie has its roots in Paris.

You know there was no way I was going to be able to resist that!

I'll take one of everything...if only!

That mangodor looked extremely tempting, as were all the chocolaty concoctions.  The cafe gourmand was a tray of three different sweets to try.

Just looking at these photos is making me feel I need to get back to Maison Kayser - look at that rich, dark chocolate tart to the left!  In the end it was a toss up between the eclair pistache and the eclair chantilly framboise...

The pretty fresh red raspberries won. :)

Just down the counter from the pastries was a stunning array of baked goods - including giant brioche, just like I've seen in France.  Why aren't there more places that sell brioche in the states?  Le sigh...

The drinks case had just about every kind of drink you can imagine - from lemonade to carrot & ginger, kale, or apple & cucumber!

I went with a cafe au lait in a chic orange and white cup from the coffee counter.


Taking our Parisienne snacks to go.  I loved the box they put the ecliar in - you could still see how pretty the pastry was through it.

Our next stop was the New York Public Library just nearby.  We paused to eat our lunch at the tables outside...


The bright flowers and fall trees were simple gorgeous!

Becky tried a ham and cheese baguette which she said was delicious.  We also decided to split a plie au chocolat...

Chocolate and bread.  You can't really go wrong with that combination.

I almost didn't want to eat my chantilly cream and raspberry eclair - it was a work of art!

But of course I ate it in the end! ;)  The filling inside was fruity and smooth with a lovely light cream on the top - simply amazing.  C'est magnifique!


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  1. What a lovely day! French pastries and the library.