Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Jingle Cruise: Magic Kingdom Christmas Cheer

As we're trimming trees and counting down to the holidays throughout December, we're taking a look at some of  Walt Disney World's best Christmas decorations on A Pinch of Pixie Dust.  I love how the resorts and shops get decked out...but some of the attractions get into the spirit of the season too!

The ever-popular and punny Jungle Cruise at the Magic Kingdom becomes the JINGLE CRUISE!  See the candy cane "i?"

The explorer packs hanging on the walls are stuffed with candy canes and poinsettias!  There are lots of little touches of holiday cheer added in... wilderness garland decking out the entrance waiting area!  One of my favorite Jingle Cruise details can be found atop the boats:

The names are all changed!  It's the "Poinsettia Sal..."

The "Candy Cane Connie."

...and "Mistletoe Minnie!"

The little hut by the docks is strung with Christmas lights!  Once you embark on your cruise, you'll find  lots of silly holiday jokes added into the skipper spiel.

I was a disappointed last year that there weren't many decorations throughout the ride proper - they were concentrated more in the queue and at the docks.


In the Jingle Cruise poster that Disney put out, the animals were wearing santa hats, which they were sadly not wearing in the actual ride.  Wouldn't that elephant look great in red?

And I think the branch above this guy is just begging for some mistletoe. ;)

This year it sounds like the holiday overlay is more impressive as a shipment of decorations has crash-landed in the jungle!

The cast members do get some holiday gear - I love the Jungle-Cruise-brown Santa Hats!

And Trader Sam gets some jingle bells as he wishes you a Happy (Headhunting) Holidays!


  1. Seems like Disneyland does it better...

    Wish we had ours like that!

    1. Agreed! Love the reindeer replacing the zebra.

  2. I wish I could arrange a Disney parks trip during the Christmas season! It seems like lately it's either Spring, Fall, or in January.