Friday, December 19, 2014

Bryant Park Winter Village | NYC Trip Report

For today's blog post, I'm whisking you away to New York City to do some (virtual!) Christmas shopping in Bryant Park...

Love the Empire State Building rising above the trees...there's nothing like New York.

The trees were still green when we visited at the end of October, but the winter festivities had already begun...

An ice skating rink had taken over the center of the park!

If you're looking to skate under the skyscrapers but want to avoid the high prices and crowds at Rockefeller Center, Bryant Park is a great option!  The rink is open from the end of October all the way through February.

You'll also find row upon row of holiday booths - they're part of the "Bank of America Winter Village" as well.  It was so much fun to peruse the small shops - just like the Christmas markets you'll find in big cities in Europe this time of year!


Hats of all shapes and sizes and glittering jewelry displays.


There were so many unique items to discover - just look at that scarf.  It's not so much a scarf as a vine of felt flowers for your neck!

It was so lovely strolling beneath the trees, savoring the smell of tasty eats wafting from the cafes - and is that a carousel I see? 

This isn't just a carousel.  This is "Le Carrousel." :)

Bryant Park's signature green chairs.

Stopping to sit awhile!


Trees by day and trees by night - we stopped back by the park one evening to find the shops all lit up.

So many tempting stalls!

"The Garden of Curiosity" had such pretty terrariums - and everything was so artfully displayed!


Shelves and shelves of Christmas elves and one of our favorite sightings - a life-size C3PO for sale.  I think he was $7000.  My cousin Becky was tempted, but there was a sign saying he'd already been sold!  I don't know how we would have gotten him on the bus back home anyway. ;)

Heading back to our hotel through the bright night streets.

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