Friday, November 14, 2014

Five Fab Finds: 11/14/2014


---Can't get over this Anne of Green Gables Inspired Wedding Shoot a reader shared on facebook.  SO gorgeous, and I love that book series.  Thanks Jessica!---

---Speaking of weddings, Jessa Duggar - or rather, Jessa Seewald (of 19 Kids and Counting) recently got married and how stunning is that dress?  Jessa and Ben's engagement episode on TLC was so sweet. :) ---

---I've been on an old movie kick lately, and I adored How to Steal a Million - it's on Amazon Prime and Netflix.  PARIS.  And Audrey Hepburn's wardrobe.  Oh my gosh, guys.---

---Because every Friday needs some Kid Snippets from Bored Shorts TV.  "Brothers are super duper hard to have..."---

---You know those commercials where something in the store starts talking to the shopper?  Well yesterday that happened to me at Pottery Barn, and it was a squirrel in a top hat.  Too cute to be resisted!---

The Disney World CUPCAKE POSTER is back!  Get it on etsy here.

NEW POSTS: Epcot Food & Wine -- Disney Coffee -- Cambridge, England

NEW VIDEOS: Hallowishes -- F&W Festival Tour -- DCA: A Bug's Land & Paradise Pier

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  1. Yay I am glad you liked the link enough to share it :) I really need to comment more since I am a long time reader of your reports first and now your blog. :)