Thursday, November 27, 2014

Daydreaming at Macy's | NYC Trip Report

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!  Is your turkey in the oven?  Family gathered?  Are you watching the Macy's parade?

We've been watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade on tv this morning - all my little brother wants to see is the Pikachu balloon!  I loved Taylor Swift's performance.  Her outfit was so sparkly and perfect for the holiday. :)


It's especially fun to be watching the parade making its way through New York as my cousin and I were just visiting NYC and stopped by Macy's last month!

Herald Square was a little less crowded then than it must be today!


I'm sure those owls are looking out disdainfully over all the balloons passing by. lol.

Shall we go inside?  With Black Friday on the horizon, I thought it'd be fun to make today's blog post all about the shopping!  The Macy's in Herald Square is so big and so much fun to wander and browse.

My favorite section...the lovely!  Lace and sequins and long skirts!


Some of these remind me of the Downton Abbey costumes...that navy one in the middle on the left is just gorgeous.

So neat to ride on the old wooden escalators.


The fun thing about the Macy's in New York is that it's just. so. huge!  The selection is enormous - you find so many eclectic items that a normal Macy's might not carry.  Love that bookish shirt...and check out the capelet on that plum-colored dress.

Had to stop to ooh and ahh over the Kate Spade items...


Do Not Disturb...daydream in progress!

I've never seen this many cozy bathrobes!  I was definitely tempted by all the jammies...


Pink penguins: so sweet!

Also.  CUTE SOCKS.  Look, they've got one with s'mores.  And hot dogs.  And owls.  And Christmas cats.

They had tights in every shade of the rainbow!

Will you be doing any shopping tomorrow?  Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!

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