Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Carsland Attractions: Disneyland Trip Report Part 2

For today's blog post, I thought we'd take a drive...

We're heading out west to California - Disney's California Adventure park that is - to explore the incredible CARSLAND area.

Welcome to Radiator Springs!  When I last left off in our Carsland trip report, we had just arrived and were soaking in all the details...

I was so blown away by how exactly the world of the movie was recreated - every single element from the Radiator Springs you see on the screen seemed to have been included in the real life Radiator Springs in the park!

Including all of the stores, like Luigi's Casa Della Tires!  The home of the leaning tower of tires is also home to the ride Luigi's Flying Tires - and to get to it, you have to go through the store...

There was no wait for the ride yet as it was an early opening - the park was only open to resort guests for the first hour.  But I almost wished for more of a wait - I wanted to stop and look at everything!

"Black-wall tires, they blend into the pavement, but these white-wall tires...they say, 'Look at me!  HERE I AM.  Looove me.' " (Love that scene!)

Lots of Tire Posters: "The All-New Cuscino D'ariia: Like Riding on Air!" and "Crikey!  They're Ace!"

Everything you see in the showroom in the movie is in the line - down to the car lift and mirror like the one Lightning McQueen poses in front of!

This is an outdoor attraction, but Disney cleverly gave us an indoor line (why coudn't they have done that with Belle's Enchanted Tales?).  ANYway, it's super exciting to come outside and see all the banners and decorations and all those giant tires waiting for you.

More outdoor details (I know, ignore the caution sign...) - I love the tiles!


Luigi and Guido are just adorable.


Look at the ribbons on the trees!  The fences have little tire details, and even the phonebox is cute and decked out in Italy's colors.

Are you ready to ride?


The Flying Tires are basically a bumper car style ride, only there's no steering wheel.  You have to lean to make the tire go...it was actually a little difficult to get the hang of!

The floor of the ride is covered in little air jets...

Love that wall of hubcaps on the fence!

We had a fun time trying to figure out how to get the tire to move and...of course...chasing down the rest of the family in their tires!  Next it was time to head to Towing and Salvage...

Tow Mater's got a ride in Carsland as well - Mater's Junkyard Jamboree.

Once again the queue area was chock full of nods to the movie and the Mater shorts.

"Mater the Greater!"

There's a sign for NASCA and Mater's Private Eye detective agency.  We didn't have time to dilly dally though...there were tractors waiting to be corralled!

My favorite part of this attraction, which will unfortunately not show up in any of the photos, was the soundtrack.  Mater is singing in the background as you swing all over the place.  He should be a country star!


Maybe don't ride this right after lunch if you have a weak stomach...there was no line, so my brothers decided we should ride twice.  By the time I got off the second time I was feeling a little quesy! 

"On your mark...get set...tow!"

"If anybody asks...we was out smashing mailboxes."

Whenever I write a blog post about Carsland, I want to go back and rewatch the Cars movie.  There are so many good lines!

While we took a second whirl on the Junkyard Jamboree, Mama Snob ran to get fastpasses for the Radiator Springs Racers (they had an incredibly long ride in spite of the early opening!).  The park was just about to open, so she caught all the regular guests dashing to their first rides of the day...

...looks like Lightning McQueen came for a day of fun at DCA too! :)

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