Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Where in WDW: A Pretty Parterre

It's so easy to overlook the landscaping at Walt Disney World, but whenever I do stop to admire the flora, I always discover some beautiful new garden or nook.

Take this elegant parterre for instance.  The colors of the shrubs even match the Friendship!  Do you know where in WDW you can spot this lovely landscaping?  Post your guess in the comments.

The ax in the last Disney World trivia post can be found outside the cottage by the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train exit!


  1. Across from the boat dock at Epcot.

    Kimberly E.

  2. Isn't that down on the other side of France on the walkway towards the Beach Club Resort?

  3. I know this spot- one of the beautiful things that can be seen from the International Gateway. I was there a few years back during an unusual cold snap, and landscapers were busy covering it up with large plastic tarps, so it would be protected from the cold. I never knew it was called a parterre!

  4. International Gateway at Epcot. My guess is that the picture was taken either from the boat dock or just before it.