Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in New Fantasyland

Today we're going to dig up diamonds by the score, a thousand rubies, maybe more...


We're going to take a whirl on these cool rounded mine cars...I love the design!  You can make them swing more if you try to rock side to side.

...and if we keep a very close eye out, we might even spot Snow White!

The entrance to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is located on the cusp of New Fantasyland, just opposite the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh ride.  This is a very popular new attraction - it just opened in May 2014 - so the wait times can get pretty insane.  The standby line is stretching off to the right in the photo; it runs along the sidewalk and can stretch all the way back to the Tea Cups.

The best way to do this attraction is to make a reservation with Fastpass Plus, but make sure you get there in plenty of time.  A line can build up for FP+ guests as well!  On a less-practical, more-pixie-dusted note, do you see the clock on the Fastpass+ sign?  The hour and minute hands are shaped like a pick and a shovel.  And look at the little squirrels!


A few more details...the winding track and a little owl on the exit gate.


To the left is the Fastpass Plus line which runs parallel to the ride exit.  To the right is the standby line.  I'm surprised Disney didn't plan for a better standby queue: most of it is outside in the hot sun, and it perpetually overflows out along the Fantasyland walkway, clogging up the path.

Eventually you find some shade and some AC inside the mines...look at the rock above the entrance, and you might notice some notches from the dwarfs' axes and picks!

Ready to board!  The car numbers beneath your feet are shaped like diamonds and gems.

Then you're rocking away around the hill, with some fabulous views of New Fantasyland... 

I see the Beast's Castle!  You can check how long the Be Our Guest line on the case you're feeling like some grey stuff after your adventure. ;)

Soon the roller coaster slows a bit and takes you into the mines...

Dopey is the first dwarf to greet you!

There they all are!  This is such a beautiful scene...I love all the glowing jewels and the funny dwarfs and animals.


I hope Sneezy's not allergic to raccoons...and there's Doc keeping a tally on the work!

Grumpy is looking...well...grumpy!  I like the "Echo Cavern Cavern Cavern."


Bashful and Happy, both working hard...

...and Sleepy, hardly working.  lol!


There are shimmering gems piled everywhere!

My only complaint about this scene is that it's too short!  It's also the only indoor story you pass through during the ride, and while it is fabulous, I couldn't help comparing it with older rides like Splash Mountain - where you get not one room but instead six or seven rooms packed with amazing details.  Maybe they just didn't have the space?


After visiting the dwarfs in the mine, you're back out in the sunshine banking corners and zooming over bridges...

Watch out for vultures!

I loved all the greenery on the Seven Dwarfs hill!


Too soon you're back at the mine where you boarded - your train does pause by the Seven Dwarfs cottage for a few seconds...whose arm is that in there?

...see that window?  See anything inside of it?  Yeah, the first time we passed by we were at the back of the train and literally couldn't see a thing.  The reflection on the glass was so bad, and this was our view when the train stopped.  When we started moving again, we zipped by way too fast to get a good glimpse...

When we got to ride again we were able to see a little better...

There's Snow White!  They're all dancing, just like in the movie. :)


This is such a charming scene...but it's so difficult to see any of it!  Even when the train is stopped in the right place, the sunshine is so bright you end up seeing your reflection in the window and not the dwarfs inside the room.  Frustrating!


I really wish they Imagineers had let us enjoy this cute tableau more.  You only pause by it for a few seconds, and if you're at the back of the train, you're out of luck.  I wish it had been a second room the train when through like the mine room.

I guess it gives you a reason to ride again...although I would rather ride again to catch a new minor detail, not because the thing went so fast I missed a major detail.

On your second ride you can see if you spot the Wicked Witch!

The ride exit takes you by the other side of the cottage...but the windows are covered with curtains, so you still can't see the scene inside.  It is a cute scene though...and you never know what you might find lying in the grasses outside the cottage.

On the whole, we really did enjoy the new mine train and are looking forward to riding it again. :)


Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho - it's out into the park we go!  Have you taken a swing on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train yet?


  1. You didn't mention it, but did you notice the Hidden Mickey to the right of Grumpy in your Echo Cavern Cavern Cavern pic?


  2. It's even better at night! Plus, as an added bonus, it's way easier to see the final scene!