Tuesday, September 23, 2014

WDW + DL Disney Parks Haul!

I'm not necessarily a huge Disney souvenir person (sometimes I prefer to admire the merchandise and take pictures of it rather than purchase!), but it is fun on every trip to hunt out those really unique, small, stylish mementos...


...like a Motorama Girls sweatshirt from Carsland so that you can look as sassy and classy as Flo and the gang once you get back home.  Or a pink hippo to remind you of the time you went on the Wild Africa Trek.  Or an entirely elegant Mary Poppins scarf from the new Marketplace Co-Op.

You get the idea! 

So I decided to round up some of the pixie dusted merch I found on our coast to coast Disney Parks trips from this year - both Disneyland and Disney World - to share in a "haul" video on my YouTube channel.  Hope y'all enjoy it! :)

(Seriously, though - how cute are those hippos??)


  1. If you get this comment twice, sorry! Thanks so much for sharing your Coast-to-Coast haul, I love souvies :) I especially love when they have some sentimental value. When you can wear or see your Disney gifts on a daily basis, it's enough Pixie Dust to carry you over to your next trip :)

  2. Sentimental souvies are the best ones to get!

  3. I have those hippos. I love them ;) You are adorable.