Monday, September 8, 2014

The KING CUPCAKE at Pop Century

It's just a hunk, a hunk of burning...cupcake?

Today we're looking at Pop Century Resort's King Cupcake - isn't it a beauty??  I had always been a bit wary of this treat because of the crazy flavors - inspired by Elvis Presley of course - peanut butter, banana, and candied BACON.  I'm sorry, I'm just not really a bacon person.  Not a bacon cupcake person anyway!  But as a Disney cupcake connoisseur, I decided I had to give it a try on our recent trip. ;)

My usual POP favorite, the tie dye cheesecake, was not too difficult to resist - they changed the recipe!  It used to be a big ol' actual slice of cake - red velvet on the bottom, colorful cheesecake on top.  Now it's a woefully small dish of cheesecake, albeit still tie dyed.

Luckily there was a new star behind the case!  The desserts at the Everything Pop food court are just around the corner from the rest of the meal options and have their own check-out counter.

The peanut butter and chocolate looked fabulous, but...aaahhhh...that bacon!

There's the banana bit in the middle - that part I did not like and ate around.  Otherwise, I really enjoyed this cupcake.  The peanut butter icing was quite good, the cake was very tasty, and the candied bacon bits added just a little salty crunch without overwhelming you with the taste of bacon.

I didn't only have a cupcake for dinner that night - so to add a pinch of savory pixie dust to this post, here's a pic of the pepperoni french bread pizza Athos and I split.  Super delicious!

One last cupcake photo just for fun. :)  Hope it's a magical Monday!

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