Sunday, September 14, 2014

Old Key West Resort: Room Review

Over many years of trips, my family has been fortunate enough to stay at most of the Walt Disney World resort hotels.  The one last resort we hadn't experienced was the original Disney Vacation Club resort, Old Key West.  As we got to check it off our list this past spring, I thought it'd be fun to share a room review!

Arriving at a DVC resort is always fun because you get to hear that 'Welcome Home!'

The plethora of palm trees around the lighthouse and Sandcastle pool gave us a great first impression. :)  You feel like you're on vacation right away!

We headed to the Hospitality House just nearby to get checked in...

Love this sunny walkway with the lantern chandeliers!


Hospitality House is home to the check-in area (note the beachy Old Key West mural on the left!) and the concierge desk - there's also a room with some couches and chairs...

It's so fun to watch families breaking into their first box of MagicBands!

I loved the cheerful, breezy, Floridian colors and style of the buildings at Old Key West.  This is quite a large resort, so unfortunately your room may not be near the Hospitality House (where the main pool, the restaurants, and Community Hall are located).  Each building has its own parking lot, of course, so at least it's not a hike to your car.  We really enjoyed renting bikes for the day to get around the resort - and even further out to Saratoga Springs and Downtown Disney!

We ended up in building 18 - across the water and the golf course from the Hospitality House.  The numbering of the buildings can be a bit confusing...15 is right next to 64, but the 50's are waaaay on the other side of the property.


We admired the hidden Mickeys on the staricase railings and climbed above a bright courtyard to locate our studio, room 1836.

There's our door on the left!

The Welcome Mat and doorjam looked like they had seen better days...another building we passed by had some exposed siding covered in mildew!  We did enjoy our stay, but you could definitely see the wear and tear this resort has been through over the years.

Here's the view on first entering the studio!  Very cozy and homey.  I liked the dark wood and blue pillows.

The fresh white is nice - I just wish all the Disney resorts didn't have to have that same standard design, as they now do.  I miss the old, resort-specific comforters.  At least the runner blankets are unique!  Old Key West's is in keeping with the rest of the calming ocean-esque blues and browns in the room.


Starfish handles below the tv dresser and the closet...

Here's the small kitchenette area with fridge, sink, microwave, coffeemaker, and toaster.  This was tucked next to the bathroom.  I liked the shape of the room, with the bathroom and kitchenette off to the side and a table and chairs in the corner...

It didn't take my brother long to set up camp with his legos!

My brother Athos had us laughing over the painting above the beds.  He pretended to be the mom in the picture: "Look what you did.  You broke it.  You broke the ocean."  There does seem to be some scolding going on there!


More sea-inspired wall art.


Here's the bathroom - coral and beige with a pop of aqua around the mirror.

Here's another picture of the sink.  Nothing too exciting.


The striped blinds on the door added a fun pop of color to the room - and of course the landscaping outside was very vibrant with a Florida blue sky and all that greenery!

I loved the balcony - my favorite thing about it was this...

Three fabulous palm trees right beyond the railing!  They were the perfect company for a morning cup of coffee...and so was the view beyond...

You could see across the water to the Hospitality House, the pool - and there's the Characters in Flight balloon rising up above the trees from Downtown Disney!  As the sun set, those clouds became pink feathers framed by the palm fronds...

...just magical!

I'm not sure we'll be back to Old Key West any time soon, but we definitely enjoyed checking it off our Disney Snob bucket list.  I don't think you have to be staying there to rent bikes, and I would love to go back and do that again!

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  1. I had been looking at their floor plans and they remind me of when we stayed at Vero Beach in the past. Seeing the colors really makes me think it would be like that too.
    I really do enjoy the runners. I really do like the sheets though, because whichever bed was mine once pictures of the room were done, that thing was whipped off. It would gross me out-blech! I was glad they kept the runners though, because I do like the resort-specific details that go into the rooms :)
    That picture, ah you had me in stitches! That Athos is funny :) When I looked at the picture and saw the little girl's face, I thought that's how I probably look when it's time to head home from WDW. I felt a little sad, until I read about how she broke the ocean ;)
    Thanks for another great, honest review!