Friday, September 5, 2014

Festival of Fantasy: Peter Pan

It's another Festival of Fantasy Friday, and I spy a pirate ship on the horizon...

It's the Jolly Roger with Peter and Wendy at the helm!

This float follows the Little Mermaid and dancing fishes.  That pirate skull is a little creepy...but then I suppose this was Captain Hook's ship to begin with!

I love watching Peter and Wendy...their movements and poses and expressions are straight out of the movie.

Those cannons really do fire!  The ship is perched on top of a giant rainbow and looks like it's flying through the sky.  It's certainly an interesting shape, although I don't especially associate rainbows with Peter Pan...kinda like the peacocks preening behind Beauty and the Beast.  I wish it had been an arc of golden pixie dust from Tink instead


Captain Hook is swinging from a giant anchor beneath the rainbow, probably hoping to avoid this guy...


It's an enormous Tick-Tock the crocodile!  He looks hungry...

The lost boys have gotten a make-over for this parade.

They look like hipster newsie lost boys now. ;)

Don't worry...we haven't forgotten Tinkerbell!

She's holding court at the other end of the rainbow, surrounded by flowers...


So sweet...

...but also sassy!


Brave FoF pixie dust coming up next week. :)

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