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Frozen Summer Fun Highlights

I don't have just a pinch of pixie dust for you all today...I have a whole FLURRY!  We're going to check out all the Frozen Summer Fun going on at Disney's Hollywood Studios...

You'll see banners and flyers for the Frozen Fun event all over property, and when you get to DHS, they're everywhere!


Hollywood Blvd is lined with signs - Olaf is peeking out on some of them!


Olaf is definitely a major star in this celebration.  There's a sand sculpture snowman photo op outside the gates, and as soon as you enter the park, you'll find cast members under a tent handing out the tag-along paper Olaf on-a-stick!  I wish these were just a little smaller, as they were kinda clunky and large to carry around.  You'd notice stray Olafs all over the park where people had lost or left him behind!  Recently the Olaf cut-out got a big umbrella added behind his head, so now he works as a fan too.

We sadly arrived too late in the day for the welcome procession at 11am - a mini Frozen parade with ice skaters, skiers, Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff - but there is a short Olaf show later in the afternoon that we caught.  A manager came out to explain about the activities going on, and Olaf talked to him from the screen.  At the end, it started snowing on Hollywood Blvd!  Very cool.


The stage is also used for the dance party and the fireworks show.Our first concern getting into the park was to snag some tickets for the Sing-Along...

"For the First Time In Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration!"  The times guide warned us to stop by the theater earlier in the day to reserve our show time - there is a standby line, but there's no guarantee you'll get in without a ticket.  We headed to the Premier Theater behind the Muppets near the San Francisco area...


A bunch of this street is roped off with the queue - and that line with the umbrellas is just for people with tickets!  There's a little black table in the middle where you let the cast members know how many people are in your party and which showtime you want.  They give you your tickets, and you report back then.  Also know that the traffic from Muppets to San Francisco is temporarily blocked to funnel guests into the theater, so avoid this area if you're not going to the show!


We got tickets for the 1:30 performance and arrived about 1:20.  The line was so winding we didn't get into the theater until a little after 1:30, so we missed the very beginning.  We got some of the last seats in the upper portion of the theater.  If you want closer seats, arrive extra early!


Anna starts the show off and introduces us to the two silly courtiers, then runs off to check on Elsa.

Meanwhile, the royal historians start off the fun.  The middle screen shows the musical movie scenes with the lyrics on the two side screens.  Kids and adults really do all sing along...it's adorable.  The kids seemed to know literally all the words - the spoken and sung ones!

There were lighting effects over the audience that went along with many of the songs - it was actually fun to sit at the back because you got a good view of the whole space!


Kristoff gets a short segment!  He's so bashful...lol...

The backdrops and stage setup were very pretty.  Towards the end, the main characters all come out...

It's Queen Elsa!

These three are so cute.  They're such new characters - it's so fun to see them in person, even from afar, to take in all the costume details!


Elsa knows how to work that dress!


So many sweet sister moments!  At the end of the song, Anna and Elsa strike the back-to-back pose that you'll see them doing on every Frozen Fun image all over Disney World - such a fun touch!



The snow effects were so impressive - loved it!

The sisters make a twirly skirt exit.  Kristoff waves to his adoring fans. ;)

After the show, we had to check out the Wandering Oaken soundstages between the Backlot Tour and Toy Story Mania...

This area is kinda confusing...there are two separate soundstages, both named Wandering Oaken's - one is the Trading Post, which has all the merchandise.  The other is the Frozen Funland with the skating rink.  Each soundstage only holds so many people, so sometimes there can be lines to get in!

First let's look in the Trading Post...

I see some stone trolls in the window!

Inside you will find Frozen swag GALORE.


Love the family in the sauna from the movie!  I saw those skirts elsewhere, but those were the only Anna dresses I spotted on property.  There weren't any Elsa dresses.

You can buy FROZEN MAGICBANDS.  There's one with Anna, one with Elsa, and one with Olaf.  You do have to have a ticket to link them to - so really it's $19.95 plus the cost of the ticket.  Apparently they sing when you touch them to the touch points or make some sort of special fastpass plus sound.  I love the Haunted Mansion spooky tone - hopefully this is a sign more fun FP+ chimes are coming!


Baby Anna and Baby Kristoff.

Arendelle dolls EVERYWHERE.


This is the main spot for Frozen merchandise on property.  I was surprised to find the hotel gift shops and smaller shops at the parks didn't have anything Frozen at all.  The bigger shops, like the Emporium, did have some.

Mickey's of Hollywood at the front of DHS had a pretty good selection as well.

But let's get back to Wandering Oaken's!  The soundstage next door to the Trading Post has the Frozen Funland with the figure skating.


It's a fairly small rink, and it looked pretty crowded!  The skate rental was $10...we just watched from the side.

The surroundings are cute - I like the snowy trees, and you can even see Elsa's Ice Castle off on the mountainside!

Next door to the skate returns was the Sweet Treat stand...

...but then we've already talked about the cupcakes, haven't we? ;)

Near the entrance was a photopass person...they do a magic shot and edit in Anna and Elsa next to you!  It was fun to look around in here, but if you're not going skating, it's quite crowded, and there's not a whole lot to do.  Other than the photo op and sweet treats, there's also a bank of snow where you can...what else...build a snowman!

Using my ice powers to make it snow. ;)

The last event of the Frozen Summer Fun - the fireworks - we didn't see from the park, but we caught them from the Art of Animation parking lot, and they looked amazing!

The Frozen Celebration has been extended through September 28th, and my fingers are crossed they'll at least keep the show and fireworks after that. :)

I've got video highlights too...

And here's part II:

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