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Frozen Cupcakes at Walt Disney World

A few new faces have appeared on the cupcake scene at Disney World this summer...

...the faces of the FROZEN gang!  I've been seeing pics of that Olaf cutie cupcake from the Frozen Fun going on at Disney's Hollywood Studios all over the web, so I was super excited to see (and taste!) it in person during our recent trip.

Don't you just want to give him a big warm hug??

But that's not the only Arendelle-inspired treat you'll discover at Disney these days.  Today's post is a guide to all the Frozen cupcakes I could find at the parks and resorts - a total of seven different creations at four different locations!  Let's get started...

1. Frost Cupcake at the Contemporary Resort's Contempo Cafe:

Under the monorails at the Contempo Cafe, you'll find a snowflake-covered treat.  The Frost Cupcake is chocolate cake infused with caramel and topped with swirled butter cream icing and a non-edible souvenir ring.  The Anna and Elsa ring cupcakes seem to go fast - some of the rings also feature Kristoff, Sven, or the Frozen logo.

This cupcake looks a lot like the cool mint cupcake the Contemporary has had in the past, but it's got chocolate and caramel instead of mint - Anna and Elsa would definitely approve.  Also note the chocolate cherry cupcake has an Agent Perry ring on it!

2. Vanilla Frozen-Inspired Cupcake at the Beach Club Marketplace

If you want one of those Frozen rings but won't be at the Contemporary, you can find the same cupcake toppers at the Beach Club Resort's counter service, the Marketplace!

The cupcake itself doesn't look quite as scrumptious - it's just plain vanilla, and it's out of a refrigerated case (cupcakes under a counter usually seem to be fresher).  But I do love the blue swirls - like on the resort's red velvet cupcake.  The Beach Club chefs know their icing!

3. Specialty Cupcakes at the Main Street Bakery Starbucks

There are a few frosty specialty cupcakes to find at the Magic Kingdom on Main Street.  One is vanilla and - once again - sports a snowflake and a Frozen ring.

The other is carrot and looks like a melted Olaf the snowman!  Maybe it's because the Hollywood Studios Olaf is just so cute, but this cupcake doesn't make me quite as excited.  Some of their expressions are rather strange...Olaf looks like he might be plotting something devious.  I decided to wait for these next guys...

4. Frozen Summer Fun Cupcakes at Disney's Hollywood Studios


You'll find three fabulous Frozen cupcakes at certain counter service locations around Disney's Hollywood Studios - Starring Rolls Cafe, Pizza Planet, the Studio Catering Co. behind Star Tours, and of course at the Sweet Treat Bar inside Wandering Oaken's Frozen Funland.  The cupcakes are also apparently served at the dessert party that's a part of the Frozen Summer Fun Premium package.


Frozen Funland is the soundstage that's been set up with various Frozen festivities - including an ice rink!  The Sweet Treat Bar has a variety of snacks, but what interested me most was that refrigerator...


Good to know: there are two soundstages set up for Frozen Summer Fun, and both have Wandering Oaken in the name/on the sign - one is the Frozen Funland and the other is the Trading Post.  They're located right next door to each other but have two separate lines and are not connected inside.  The Funland is where the ice rink and the Sweet Treat Bar are.  The Outpost is a store with lots of Frozen merchandise - it also has a snack counter with Frozen treats, but they do not carry the cupcakes...

Instead they have confectionery-style cake pops, candy apples, marshmallows - note the "snowball" krispy treats in the lower righthand corner!


The Frozen treats are definitely pricey...those little cake pops are $4.19.  The cupcakes are $5.50, but they're so large and beautiful - I'd say they're worth it for the fun!

The cupcakes back inside the Funland next to the rink!


My brother and I wanted to see the Funland, and when we saw the cupcakes, I couldn't resist.  We were supposed to meeting the rest of the family over at Studio Catering Co., so we actually carried them through the park!  It was a hot August day, and Olaf's arms, as you can see, quickly started to melt.  As Athos joked, he became "sassy" Olaf with his hands on his hips!

When we reached Studio Catering Co., we discovered that they also carried the Frozen cupcakes, and the rest of the family had had the same thoughts as us...



I had asked the cast member to give us a pretty one for photos, and they were ALL so beautiful.  We almost didn't want to eat them!

I said almost.  I have four brothers.  Don't worry.  These all got eaten.


Here's a quick shot of the insides - these cupcakes have no filling, but they are fresh and very tasty.  The Elsa cupcake is vanilla with light blue butter cream icing.  The Anna cupcake is chocolate with dark blue butter cream icing.  The two blue icings had a slightly different taste, but both were delicious!

Olaf was a carrot cake cupcake with creamy cream cheese ice cream, and he was my favorite.  There were no nuts or raisins or funky business in the carrot cake, and the icing was fantastic -  I only wish there had been a bit more chocolate.

One of the Olaf cupcakes we brought back to the hotel for later - we put him in a cup with a knife to keep him steady.  "Oh, look at that - I've been impaled."

It was a pretty messy cupcake by the time we got back - Olaf did what frozen things do in summer!  But it was still tasty. :)

If you know of another Frozen cupcake at Walt Disney World, be sure to share in the comments!  Which is your favorite Arendelle creation?

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