Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Pixie Dust: 8/29/2014

Here's some various and sundry Interwebs pixie dust to sparkle up your Friday!

1. One of the sweetest spots at Disneyland - the Jolly Holiday Bakery - has been debuting a number of exclusive snacks for the end of August.  They literally have a spoonful of sugar you can buy!  Disney Food Blog has all the details.

2. Mouse on the Mind takes us among gentle spirits of the air for a look at the loveliest of all Epcot movies, Impressions de France.  I absolutely adore that film, and I LOVE Melissa's idea that the gift shop should see the lacy coiffes seen at the wedding.

3. Magical Blogorail Blue talked park photography this week, and I loved these cell phone photo taking tips from Rolling with the Magic - especially the list of instagram apps.  I will definitely be checking those out!

4. Taylor Swift's new single Shake It Off came out earlier this month, and I love it SO SO SO SO MUCH.  Can I just be Taylor Swift's best friend?  Please?  The music video is perfection - and did you know she's been putting up outtake videos of the different dance segments as well?  So much fun.

5. Finally, because we can always use a little Jane Austen in our week, here are some funny guidelines from The Toast for how to tell if you are in a Jane Austen novel. :)

For even more pixie dust, you know where to look...

-----Where in WDW: Les Jardins-----
-----Festival of Fantasy: Frozen Princesses and the Tangled Boat-----