Thursday, August 14, 2014

Five Fab Links!

Happy Thursday, everybody!  I haven't done a links post in a bit - I usually try to do them on Fridays, but tomorrow I have some more Festival of Fantasy pics to share, so I figured I'd spread a pinch of internet pixie dust a day early...

1. Estelle over at This Happy Place Blog has a lovely blog series going on at the moment - she's highlighting simple moments in the parks, and I was so excited to participate with a guest post!  The quiet times at Disney (when you have a spare minute to sit with a book!) are the best. :)

2. Mouse on the Mind and At Disney Again talk one of the best but most underrated Disney animated classic movies: HERCULES.  An Ancient Greece Land?  Yes please!  Also, I'm now going to have that soundtrack stuck in my head all day.  Who puts the glad in gladiator??

3. Noticing ridiculously small changes and details at Walt Disney World is my family's favorite sport, so I loved that Plus the Magic pointed out a mysteriously abbreviated bench at the Animal Kingdom in a recent post.  Now I want to know -- why/how did the bench shrink??

4. I know I've enthused about them in past links posts, but I am still loving Bored Shorts TV on youtube and their Kid Snippets series.  Pet Dinosaur was hilarious.  And Antiques Road Show.  These guys need their own tv show.  Or even a whole channel.

5. Not Disney, but I've been loving the new track Girl in a Country Song by Maddie and Tae.  I love country music, but I don't always like the way they talk about the ladies - I mean, why do the girls always have to be wearing skin-tight jeans?  I'd much prefer a swirly skirt. ;)

More Pixie Dust!

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