Friday, July 11, 2014

Five Friday Links: 7/10/2014

Happy Friday, everybody!  I've got some fashion, some Star Wars, some sweets, and plenty of pixie dust: five fun links to speed you through to the weekend...

1. This Happy Place Blog has some stellar Disney style going on with ModCloth dresses to match the World Showcase pavilions.  The America and France dresses were already on my wishlist...and now I want the England one too.  It has scottie dogs on it!!

2. I was so excited to be a part of Mouse on the Mind's super fun Imagineering Awesome series again this summer!  I imagined a new resort hotel...a STAR WARS resort, which I now seriously think Disney should make.  I want to stay on Naboo!

3. Speaking of Star Wars, my lovely cousin Becks introduced me to this hilarious youtube video where kids reimagined the Mos Eisley Cantina scene from A New Hope and then adults acted it out.  It is too funny.  "WE HAVE BLUE MILK."

4. For my DISboards peoples - there's a new update on my trip report!  I's been awhile.  I'm writing about our California travels, and there are new vlogs too!

5. Some sad cupcake news...the Crumbs Bake Shop chain has closed all their stores.  They were so delicious too!  The news sources are blaming it on the cooling of the cupcake craze, but it seems like such an abrupt and immediate shut down must be the fault of bad business decisions too.  Then again, if this means cupcakes will be less expensive in the future, I'm certainly not complaining. ;)

Looking for more pixie dust??

Also be sure to check out the youtube channel for lots of new Disney vlogs!

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  1. Howard and I JUST started getting cupcakes from Crumbs. He brought them home on our 2nd anniversary, and he got them one more time after that. It was nice knowing we would have a special dessert place near his work that was easily accessible. When we saw that Crumbs was closing, we were in shock!


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