Friday, July 25, 2014

Five Bookish Finds: 7/24/2014

Ready for some Friday pixie dust, my friends?

1. The more I watch of Kid Snippets on YouTube (they did the hilarious Mos Eisley Cantina video), the more I love it!  The recent Movie Talkers short was especially funny...and it references Frozen. ;)  "Don't listen to him...true love's kiss is a LIE."

2. A friend of mine just introduced me to the blog Book Riot, and I'm really enjoying it.  Loved this post about the tricky art of choosing vacation books...I love visiting used book shops when I travel too!

3. Speaking of books, Old Fashioned Girls has a charming summer reads list.  It includes Agatha Christie and P.G. Wodehouse - I definitely approve!

4. Not a bookish link, but an educational (and entertaining) one: my brother Athos has a new post about a hipster dinosaur with an utterly unpronounceable name.  I'm not even going to try to type it.  The images will make you laugh. :)

5. There have been lots of upload on my youtube channel this week...including channeling my inner Pocahontas while kayaking, biking adventures at Disney World, gorgeous Downton Abbey costumes, a brioche breakfast in Los Angeles, and getting my wardrobe planned for our Disney trip!  Live vlogs starting this weekend!!

Catch up on any recent pixie dust you might have missed...

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